Fare Family FAQ

Fare Family Types

Yes, the changes to the fare families affect both EVA Air and UNI Air international flights.

Yes, you can. With the exception of Discount Fare Family, all other Fare Families can be combined under one itinerary. However, if your itinerary consists of more than one Fare Family, the highest fee apply to the entire itinerary for cancellation or no-show. And the highest change fee apply to the changed segments. Other conditions, such as seat selection, free-checked baggage allowance, miles accrual, and eligibility for upgrades will depend on the Fare Family selected for the corresponding segment.

Itineraries ticketed before 05 March 2019 are subject to the original fare rules. Itineraries ticketed on/after 05 March 2019 are subject to the new Fare Family rules.

Itineraries ticketed before 05 March 2019 are subject to the original fare rules. Itineraries ticketed on 05 March 2019 and after are subject to the new Fare Family rules.

If you have purchased your ticket online, the fare rules will be available to you in the purchase process. Additionally the system will send the complete fare rules and conditions, along with your e-ticket and receipt to your email once you have completed the transaction. If you have purchased your ticket through a travel agency, please consult them directly.

Changes, Cancellations, and Refunds

Regardless of whether your ticket has been changed or not, the original fare rules will apply if you have already used a part of your ticket.

If you have not flown any segment of your itinerary, and then changed to a new fare, further changes will apply the rule of new fare.

Seat Selection

Effective 05 March 2019, EVA Air will launch new Fare Family. A fee may be applicable when selecting a seat, depending on the Fare Family purchased. For example, Royal Laurel Class, Premium Laurel Class, and Business Class passengers can still select seats for free, while this is dependent on the Fare Family purchased in all other cabin classes. Passengers can select seats for free during online/mobile check-in within 48 hours prior to flight departure, with the exception of Extra Legroom Seats (formerly Exit Seats).Click Seat Selection for more information.

If you are an Infinity MileageLands Diamond Card or Gold Card member, you can select any seat free of charge. Silver Card members can select Premium Economy Class and Economy Class Standard Seats free of charge.Click Member New Benefits for more information.

  1. Chargeable seat selection is only applicable to EVA Air/UNI Air operated international flights ticketed under EVA Air or UNI Air stock, and is not applicable to codeshare flights on partner airlines.
  2. Chargeable seat selection is not applicable to passengers traveling in a group (booking class code G).
  3. Extra Legroom Seats (Known as Exit Seats prior to 05 March 2019) are not available to passengers with special requests. For more information, please refer to Exit Seats Information.

You can select your seat and pay for it at the time of ticket purchase via the EVA Air official website/EVA Mobile App. Or after ticket purchase, you can pay to select your seat by visiting Manage Your Trip on the EVA Air official website.

Before 05 March 2019: (Formerly Exit Seats)

Long-haul routes (Between Taiwan and the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and between Thailand and Europe): $140 USD per segment

Short-haul routes (Between Taiwan and Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China): $45 USD per segment

From 05 March 2019: Fee varies depending on seat zone and route Click Charges for more information.

Effective 05 March 2019, “Exit Seats” will be sold as “Extra Legroom Seats”. If the exit seat service was purchased before 05 March 2019, the original conditions for this seat EMD (Electronic Miscellaneous Document) remain apply. There is no need to pay price differential.

Yes, you can. The seat you have selected will not change and you can change your seat selection without charges.

If you have selected a seat but have not ticketed your itinerary by 05 March 2019, EVA Air will reserve the seat you had chosen for free, provided that you do not change your seat. If you change your seat, then you will be subject to the new Fare Family rules which may incur a seat selection fee.

If you haven't selected your seat or ticketed your itinerary by 05 March 2019, you will be subject to the new Fare Family rules.

Every time an Infinity MileageLands member purchases or make changes to their seat selection, their membership tier will be re-confirmed. Therefore, every time there is a change in the seat selection, itinerary, or travel date after you have selected a seat, your membership tier will be checked again, and may incur in a fee depending on your membership tier at the time. If there are no itinerary or date changes for your trip, we will not check your membership tier when you fly.

Yes, you could. Please cancel your check-in online or on your mobile first before purchasing an Extra Legroom Seat (Exit Seat) under Manage Your Trip.

Seats in Premium Economy Class, as well as Preferred and Standard Seats in Economy Class can be selected or changed for free within 48 hours prior to flight departure during online/mobile check-in. However, Extra Legroom Seats will still incur a charge.

After you have paid for your seat selection online, the confirmation webpage will display your EMD (Electronic Miscellaneous Document) No. and the related information. The system will also send the transaction details to the email provided at the time of purchase.

If you have not received the confirmation email upon the completion of your purchase, please contact us by phone EVA Air Reservations/Ticketing Centers,We will re-send the confirmation email to you.

Before 05 March 2019: The EMD is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

From 05 March 2019: The EMD issued for chargeable seat selections is valid for the associated ticket of the journey only.

The valid period of use is the same as the ticket and is not transferable to another ticket you had purchased to the same destination.

The service is only valid for use by the ticketed passenger on the journey and is not transferrable to another passenger.

Changes to chargeable seat selections are limited to the same route and within the same or a lower-priced seat zone (including date or flight number changes). Charges paid or difference will not be refunded.

All seat selection fees are nonrefundable and are valid for the associated ticket of the journey only; this also applies to free seat selection provided as a result of changing to a higher Fare Family, cabin upgrade with miles, and not being able to use the seat selection service you had purchased as a result of EVA Air upgrading you to a superior cabin for operational and aviation safety reasons.

No-Show Fee

Please refer to the Ticketing FAQ No-Show Fee.