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Management Team

Organization and Management Team


According to Articles of Incorporation of EVA Airways Corporation, the Company has to elect minimum 7 to maximum 9 directors during Annual General Shareholders Meeting. The tenure of the directors shall be 3 years. The directors shall consist Board of Directors which is responsible for determining and executing the Company’s relative business. The Board of Directors shall elect a Chairman of the Board Directors from among the directors by a major vote at a meeting attend by over two-third of the directors, and may also elected a Vice Chairman in the same manner. The Chairman shall be the representative of the Company to manage all the business operation. To strengthen Corporate Governance and enhance the ability of Board of Directors, the Company sets up Remuneration Committee and Audit Committee which are subordinated under Board of Directors. The Remuneration Committee is responsible for periodically reviewing the remuneration policies of directors and managers and stipulating a reasonable remuneration for them according to their devotion on company operation. The Audit Committee is mainly responsible for monitoring the fair presentation of the Company’s financial statements, the appointment, dismissal and independence of CPA as well as the effectiveness of the Company’s internal control. The Company also appoint one President to handle the Company’s business according to the resolutions of Board of Directors. The appointment and dismissal of the President shall be decided by a resolution to be adopted by majority vote of the directors at a meeting of the Board of Directors attended by at least a majority of the entire directors of the Company.

Organization / Management Team