EVA Air/UNI Air Upgrade Award

  • Before requesting an upgrade award, you must issue a confirmation ticket of eligible revenue class with--L, T (Premium Economy-Standard fare tickets), K (Premium Economy-Up fare tickets) ; M, H, Q (Economy- Standard fare tickets) and Y, B (Economy- Up fare tickets) and enough award miles/ electronic upgrade certificate valid until departure date and earned by the same account number. Requesting an upgrade award upon check-in at airport is not applicable.
  • You may follow these steps to apply for an upgrade award :
    1. Step 1:
      Make your reservations through an EVA Air reservation office. Booking Designators for upgrade award: Z - Business / Premium Laurel / Royal Laurel, U– Premium Economy.
      Note : You can also make Award Upgrade reservations by logging into the Infinity MileageLands account online. It is only available to ticketed passengers with confirmed reservations made via the EVA Internet Booking System.
    2. Step 2:
      Choose to use your own miles or the miles transferred to you or Electronic Upgrade Certificate.
    3. Step 3:
      The system will automatically deduct miles or an Electronic Upgrade Certificate valid until departure date and earned by the same account number from your account once you book a confirmed seat.
  • When you cancel an upgraded reservation before the departure date, the system will automatically re-deposit the original valid Miles or Upgrade Certificate back to the account. The system takes 3-5 days to process the re-deposit action if the cancellation occurred after the departure date.
  • Please print the original ticketing class category when buying the ticket and booking Designator for upgrade award.
  • Upgrade awards are applicable to EVA Air and UNI Air international routes with BR or B7 flight number, except charter flights and some code-shared routes with partner airlines (e.g. Taipei-Hong Kong route code-shared with Hong Kong Airlines that is operated by Hong Kong Airlines is not applicable).
  • Holding Y,B,M,H,Q(Economy) tickets are eligible for an upgrade award to Royal Laurel/Premium Laurel/Business by deduct miles. Electronic Upgrade Certificate is limited to the next higher class.
  • EVA Air and UNI Air reserve the right to limit or adjust the number of passenger upgrades subject to the status of booking on each flight. The upgrade seats may not be available on some flights or at some period, even if seats are available for paid tickets.
  • If the ticket presented at the airport check-in counter does not comply with the rules for upgrade, the member must abide by the airport staff's recommendation. You will be most likely asked to purchase another ticket, pay the difference between the two tickets, or check-in according to the ticket class.
  • Infant tickets are required to pay a fare difference for the upgrade.
  • Requesting upgrade award upon check-in at airport is no longer applicable.
  • The ticket holder is responsible for all taxes and surcharges for an upgrade award.
  • The mileage record with cabin class upgrade is based on the purchased fare class and can be credited to the Infinity MileageLands membership account only. It is not applicable to transfer mileage to other partner airlines.