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Information for Ticketing and Reservation

Make plans now to travel with EVA and enjoy our courteous and accommodating service.

Online Reservation General Reservation About Your Ticket

General Information

Make plans now to travel with EVA and enjoy our courteous and enthusiastic service. When you make your reservations, please use the same English name that appears on your passport and provide your current daytime and evening telephone numbers. We will give you your own confirmation or record locator number, and a time limit for how long we can hold the reservation before you need to pay for your ticket.

EVA cannot change the name on reservation records or tickets. If you need to revise your ticket because your name has been misspelled, your first and last names or first and middle name transposed, an incorrect title used, or to add or to delete an alias or AKA(Also Known As) or a middle name, please contact local EVA reservation office or travel agency where you had your ticket issuance so a correction can be made.

If a passenger does not board the scheduled/confirmed flight, and fails to cancel the reservation before flight departure, the downline/return flight segments will be canceled automatically without further notice.

As an EVA passenger, you are not required to reconfirm onward or return flights if you have provided a number where you can be contacted at your stopover point, or have completed the previous itinerary of your journey as it appears in our booking records.

To comply with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) of the United States, all passengers inbound to the USA or outbound from the USA are required to provide the passenger's full name (as it appears on the passenger's government-issued ID)/Date of birth/Gender of passenger/Redress Number (if available).

Please note that if the above information is incomplete, this may result in the passenger being refused to enter or leave the USA. Please enter Advance Passenger Information (APIS) as required by the US immigration authorities.

Special Meals

EVA Air offers a delicious selection of special meals for passengers who desire added in-flight comfort and service.

We have special meals for passengers with religious, medical, and health needs, and for children and infants. All are kitchen-fresh, healthy, and tasty.

Please order your special meal at least 24 hours before your scheduled flight departure.

Advance Seat Selection

All EVA Air cabin seats offer generous comforts on our aircraft. To make travel comfortable and convenient for you, we are pleased to make advance seat selection available to individual ticketed passengers 12 hours before your scheduled flight departure date. Nevertheless, additional payment may be essential ahead of time. Those holding group tickets will be seated by our airport staff.

We do apologize in advance, however, if the seat you desire is not made available in advance. For example, due to safety concerns some seats may not be available owing to airport operating requirements. In these circumstances, we kindly ask that you make your seat request at the airport check-in.

Passengers who have used our advance seat selection service are encouraged to complete check-in procedures at least one hour before their flight is scheduled to depart. EVA Air may adjust seats other than those that have been pre-selected by passengers for flight changes or airport operating requirements. Please note that all EVA Air flights are non-smoking.

For reservations and other related information, please contact one of our EVA Air reservations offices or make an online reservation now!