EVA Values

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5-Star Service from the Ground Up

Evergreen Group Chairman and Founder Dr Chang Yung-Fa established EVA Airways in 1989, taking the respected transportation heritage and tradition of quality service of sister company and container-shipping leader Evergreen Line into the skies. He ordered 26 brand-new aircraft and set high standards for quality service and safety.

Building on this commitment to quality service and safety for more than 30 years, EVA is now rated as a 5-Star Airline by international quality rating organisation SKYTRAX. This prestigious rating elevates EVA into the ranks of the world's best airlines.

Wings Around the World

We had lofty goals when EVA made its maiden flight on 1 July, 1991. Today, we serve a global network that connects Asia and Mainland China to Europe, North America and Oceania and links more than 60 major business and tourist destinations. We fly to every region of Mainland China and extend passenger and cargo services worldwide by code-sharing flights with other leading airlines.

EVA is also a Star Alliance member. Through Star Alliance, we give passengers access to a vast network of over 1300 destinations in more than 190 countries and seamless global services. We offer geographic advantages within Asia from our centrally located hub at Taoyuan International Airport in Taiwan.

Big Ideas, Attention to the Smallest Details

From the start, EVA has kept quality service and continuous improvement at the heart of our daily operations. We continue to elevate standards, add amenities and enhance passengers' check-in and boarding experiences with a customised approach that includes consideration, interaction and mindfulness.

We launched one of the world's first premium economy cabins in December 1992. Our Premium Economy class product is a trendsetter in the airline-industry that enjoys consistent popularity among both business and leisure travellers.

Comfort and Luxury

We created our Royal Laurel Class business cabin when we began to add more Boeing 777-300ERs to our fleet in 2012 and upgraded it with 5-star luxuries and comfy extras. Royal Laurel passengers enjoy personalised extras such as turndown and sommelier-style wine services in cosy flat-bed seats, all with direct aisle access. Touch-screen entertainment systems have connections for electronic devices, charging outlets and, on our Boeing 777-300ERs, Wi-Fi and global roaming.

Accompanied by a glass of fine champagne or wine, passengers can dine on steak, lobster or healthier choices. Then, using EVA's luxurious amenities, they can drift off to sleep in our comfy pyjamas and freshen up with high-end spa products. We offer Royal Laurel Class on all long-haul routes.

Fleet of the Future

We operate a fleet of more than 80 Boeing and Airbus aircrafts that is among the youngest in the industry. In addition, EVA is adding 24 Boeing 787 Dreamliners to its fleet, including four 787-9s that are already in service and twenty 787-10s that are continuously being delivered, we expect to have a complete Dreamliner fleet by 2022.

The 787 Dreamliners are equipped with GE's advanced GEnx engines which reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by 20%, when compared to power systems on traditional wide-body aircrafts. The 787's high fuel efficiency and range capabilities enable EVA to further enhance operational performance.

Boeing also engineered its Dreamliners to enhance cabin comfort. The Boeing 787 is equipped with an advanced air-filtration system that improves cabin air. The 787 fuselage is made of a combination of composite materials that make it more airtight. Compared with other commercial jets, the 787's cabin humidity can be increased as much as three-to-four times, eliminating the dry inflight atmosphere. The aircraft's cabin pressure can also be controlled to make the altitude feel like the optimal 6,000 ft. instead of the standard 8,000 ft., boosting passengers' blood-oxygen levels and reducing headaches and fatigue.

EVA chose Designworks, a BMW Group company, to synchronise the airline's international brand image and the Dreamliner's unique craftsmanship into the design of this latest generation of Royal Laurel Class seats. The design team stepped away from conventional aircraft design and used core space and brand concepts to create tailor-made business class seats that seamlessly integrate into a bespoke cabin environment. In order to provide all our passengers with an even more comfortable flying experience, EVA also called on the Boeing Company's long-time working partner, Teague, to completely redesign Economy Class on our new 787 Dreamliners. On the other hand, EVA selected ergonomically designed economy class seats from RECARO, the well-known German automotive seating company.

Creative and Innovative

EVA makes flying fun with Hello Kitty Jets. Our EVA Hello Kitty Jet passengers enjoy a cheerful environment on an aircraft with a charming, brightly painted livery and more than 100 inflight service items. We won a special Global Traveller Magazine Leisure Lifestyle Award for "Outstanding Customised Service" and were featured in the UK Daily Mail's "World's Best Plane Liveries" in 2016.

By combining the creativity of some of the world's leading experts in luxury, style and taste with our own innovative spirit, EVA offers top-cabin passengers a fresh take on sumptuous inflight comfort. EVA Air has collaborated with Michelin three-star Kyoto chef Motokazu Nakamura and Tan-style cuisine master chef Huang Ching-biao to design the inflight menu for passengers on selected routes. Moreover, EVA has introduced inflight desserts from the century-old French bakery PAUL and the popular Taipei patisserie Yellow Lemon. EVA also serves fine wines and meals made with fresh, seasonal ingredients on all flights with added niceties to reflect top luxuries on selected routes.

EVA Air has collaborated with renowned fashion designer Jason Wu, luxury brands, including Rimowa, Georg Jensen and Salvatore Ferragamo, acclaimed chefs and more to create inflight amenities and service items for Royal Laurel and Premium Laurel Class passengers to make every journey a delightful experience for every passenger.

Award-Winning Service

EVA Air has earned SKYTRAX 5-Star Airline certification every year since 2016. Readers voted EVA one of Travel + Leisure's World's Best "Top 10 International Airlines" and TripAdvisor repeatedly awards EVA top spots in its annual "Travellers' Choice Awards for Airlines". AirlineRatings has consistently ranked EVA among the 20 Top Airlines in the World.

Safety First

"Safety" is not only the core value of EVA Air, but also our promise to every passenger. We have established a comprehensive flight safety management framework through maintenance quality, route planning, and personnel training and management. At the same time, we have also established several Safety Management Systems to improve flight safety. EVA Air utilises the Flight Operations Risk Assessment System (FORAS) to perform a risk assessment prior to every flight. FORAS automatically retrieves data which includes crew information, weather information, airport NAVAIDS, aircraft MEL, etc. FORAS will prepare a risk assessment report 2.5 hours before flight departure. When flight crew report for flight duty, they can access the risks during departure, approach & landing via an iPad Portable Electronic Flight Bag. Also, they will obtain safety reminders on crew operations, aircraft conditions, the exterior environment, etc. With FORAS, we are able to increase the flight crew's situation awareness and help them efficiently manage operational risks.

EVA Air strives to improve our flight safety, and our safety performance has been recognised all around the world. EVA Air was the first airline that received the biennial IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit) certification in Taiwan. What's more, we have consecutively achieved the award since 2005 with the outstanding result of "zero findings". At the same time, EVA Air has been ranked by JACDEC (Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre) and AirlineRatings.com as one of the top 20 safest airlines in the world. EVA Air always takes extra measures to ensure that our flights are safe. Nevertheless, we strive to uphold our high standards, in order to provide an exemplary service and a comfortable trip to our passengers.

Reliability Comes Naturally

EVA has been recognised worldwide for reliability since we began operating. EVA Cargo is consistently entrusted with priceless art works from world-class museums and endangered species from preservation organisations.

Social Responsibility, Environmental Care

EVA gives back to the communities we serve. We promote local cultures and international artistic treasures. We support charitable events and social needs. In addition, EVA is dedicated to supporting the Taiwanese sports circle by sponsoring Taiwanese golf, tennis, and badminton players as well as marathon runners.

We have established an EVA safety education centre and actively encourage safety education. We are also engaged in a joint industry/university programme to develop aviation professionals and upgrade Taiwan's aerospace standards.

Practices in EVA's offices and operations worldwide help reduce CO2 emissions, cut noise, conserve resources and manage waste to promote a greener, healthier Earth. We describe our environmental initiatives in greater detail on our Corporate Social Responsibility website.


Growing Global Presence

EVA Air was established with the goal of building a world-class airline and we continue to be steadfast in our commitment to the highest standards of service and safety. The awards and recognitions we have won from domestic and international media, aviation industry groups, travel organisations and government agencies have helped pave the way for our steadily growing service network and confirm that we are on the right path to become one of the best airlines in the world.