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Air China

Air China

About Air China

Air China Limited (Air China) is the national flag carrier of China and a leading provider of passenger, air cargo and airline-related services and products in China. Its operational headquarters is in Beijing, a major domestic and international hub in China. It also provides airline-related services, including aircraft maintenance, ground handling services in Beijing, Chengdu, and other locations.

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Air China

Earning Miles on Star Alliance Partners - Mileage Table

Cabin ClassPurchased Fare ClassMile Earned
Cabin ClassFirst

Purchased Fare ClassF/A

Mile EarnedActual miles x 150%

Cabin ClassBusiness

Purchased Fare ClassC/J

Mile EarnedActual miles x 130%

Cabin ClassBusiness

Purchased Fare ClassD/Z/R

Mile EarnedActual miles x 125%

Cabin ClassEconomy

Purchased Fare ClassG

Mile EarnedActual miles x 110%

Cabin ClassEconomy

Purchased Fare ClassY/B

Mile EarnedActual miles x 100%

Cabin ClassEconomy

Purchased Fare ClassE

Mile EarnedActual miles x 90%

Cabin ClassEconomy

Purchased Fare ClassM/U/H/Q/V

Mile EarnedActual miles x 75%

Cabin ClassEconomyPurchased Fare ClassW/S/T

Mile EarnedActual miles x 50%

Cabin ClassEconomyPurchased Fare ClassL/K/P

Mile EarnedActual miles x 25%

Cabin ClassNo mileage accrualPurchased Fare ClassO/I/X/N

Mile Earned0%

Cabin ClassMinimum milesPurchased Fare ClassF/A

Mile Earned650 miles

Cabin ClassMinimum miles

Purchased Fare ClassC/J/D/Z/R

Mile Earned500 miles

Cabin ClassMinimum miles

Purchased Fare ClassG/Y/B/E/M/U/H/Q/V/W/S/T/L/K/P

Mile Earned300 miles


  • Starting from May 1, 2019 (Travel Date), P class accrual ratio is 25%.