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Nakamura image

Kyo-Kaiseki Cuisine

EVA Air and the renowned Japanese restaurant "Nakamura" collaborate for the first time ever. Known for its Kyoto cuisine, Nakamura has been rated Michelin 3 star for years. We are honored to invite Chef Motokazu Nakamura who has an uncanny insistence on cooking heritage. With his philosophy of "taste of a lifetime", Chef Nakamura shall reveal to us the innocent beauty of the ingredients and carry forward the essence of Japanese cuisine for years to come. EVA Air invites you to experience this unique feast of Kyoto tradition. This luxurious offer is presented exclusively by EVA Air.

Peng-Chieh, Wang

Peng-Chieh, Wang image

The World Master Baker

Chef Jay, Wang Peng- Chieh, winner of the 2018 Bakery World Cup (Master de la Boulangerie). Known for his exceptional skills and creativity, Chef Jay blends traditional European techniques with carefully selected local Taiwanese ingredients. Collaborating with EVA Air, he brings his champion bread's exquisite flavors, marrying "European-style exteriors with Taiwanese fillings." Overcoming challenges with an unwavering spirit, Chef Jay's artisan approach ensures the creation of delicious and healthy naturally fermented baked goods, delivering a unique blend of local and international delights to passengers worldwide.

Wen-Kuang, Hsu

Wen-Kuang, Hsu image

Executive Chef of Yu Yue Lou Restaurant

Art flows like clouds and water, and food gathers the splendor of the world. The philosophy and spatial service of Yu Yue Lou aim to provide wonderful food experiences between people. Chef Wen-Kuang, Hsu is exceptionally skilled in dishes such as abalone and fish maw. From intricate handcrafting to various cooking techniques, he is meticulous in every detail, thereby captivating the taste buds of many discerning politicians and business elites. The restaurant has been recommended and selected for the Taichung Michelin Plate for several consecutive years, hoping to bring the essence of Cantonese cuisine to all travelers.

Ching-Biao, Huang

Ching-Biao, Huang image

The Master Chef of Chinese Cuisine

Master Chef Huang has five decades of culinary experience and is known for his explicit culinary skills in Xiang, Chuan as well as Yuan cuisines. Master Huang also invited to Mandarin Oriental as the Executive Chef for Chinese food over ten years. He was further invited as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Chinese Cuisine Restaurant in Marina Bay Sands, the world-level institution and flourished the spirit of the Tan’s style banquet there. EVA Air invites Master Huang to design the excellent Chinese menu under the glory of centenary-essence of Tan’s mansion house cuisine for our honorable passengers.

Stephane Lambert

Stephane Lambert image

Executive Chef

The French cuisine master, Stephane Lambert, owns great experience of Michelin 3-star &1-star restaurants in Europe, world-renowned hotel and in-flight catering, and has such incredible cooking skills.He has been fully inspiring by France traditional cooking culture since his early cuisine learning. Chef Lambert emphasizes on the quality and the freshness of raw material, being good at presenting the traditional cuisine in the modern style and uses tremendous cooking skills to demonstrate unique cuisine, bringing a feast to everybody’s taste. As the leader of Evergreen Sky Catering’s chef team, Chef Lambert shows his innovation and continuous deep concern to the detail. So he injects new life into In-flight meal and extremely displays the gastronomic artistic culture of Chinese and Foreign.

Chia-Chen, Liu

Chia-Chen, Liu image

The secret of Chinese cuisine

Chef Liu (Chef Aka) specializes in Cantonese cuisine. Basing on his remarkable Chinese cooking skills, he integrates the distinguishing features from different dishes and techniques. He selects beef shank, bones and chef's special spices to stew "the beef stock" for two days. Through the blast freezing technology, the star products of beef noodles in Evergreen Sky Catering served in business class has been created.