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Marketing and Advertising Policy

Whenever we create marketing and advertising campaigns for EVA corporate branding, we make sure all information we use about our products and services is truthful, accurate and transparent. We require all our tools and tactics to be fair and responsible. We strictly adhere to own corporate ethical standards to guide these processes from concept to execution.

EVA Air Marketing and Advertising Policy


EVA Air sets high standards for all employees, vendors, temporary employees and work-related partners. We make every effort to ensure that all parties have current and accurate information about our products and services and require all work products to uphold our moral and ethical standards. Work that conceals or exaggerates particulars about own products and services or that misleads or disinforms customers about our competitors is unacceptable. And EVA core principles of sustainability and social responsibility must be upheld. EVA has developed this policy to define guidelines and elevate both our brand image and business development.

Guideline Application

  • All EVA employees and those who interact with EVA for business purposes, such as vendors and their employees, temporary employees and work-related partners are expected to comply with this policy and  related management protocols.
  • If an EVA employee violates this policy, the company reserves the right to identify the correction, reprimand or penalty needed, if any.

Applicable Channels

  1. Print Advertising (newspapers, magazines, books, brochures, flyers, etc.)
  2. Digital Advertising (websites, video sharing/streaming platforms, corporate videos, product placement, etc.)
  3. Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  4. TV Advertising
  5. Radio Advertising
  6. Outdoor Billboards (OOH, Out-of-Home, etc.)
  7. EVA’s owned channels (members e-letters, corporate member programs, etc.)
  8. Other


EVA aims to:

  1. Influence a positive, top-notch brand image.
  2. Deliver accurate product and service information.
  3. Increase consumers’ interest in and willingness to use our products and services.
  4. Improve our brand approval and favorability among consumers.
  5. Present our image as a sustainable and socially responsible airline.

Marketing and Advertising Practices

All who work for EVA are required to:

  1. Defer responsibility for creation and supervision of domestic and international advertising, marketing, sales and related campaigns to the Public Relations Division (PRD). Recognize that PRD is also in charge of a range of internal and public programs, events and developments and for managing expectations and demands related to those projects.
  2. Apply and safeguard our standards of ethics, tools and tactics to related marketing and advertising campaigns. Avoid exaggerated expressions that could potentially cause discrepancy in our ESG-related information.
  3. Help ensure accurate, transparent and ethical marketing and advertising content, and avoid making false claims about competitors’ products or services.
  4. Plan and prepare every detail of activities, events and programs conceived to promote social responsibility. Do not overlook needs, sensitives or cultural differences of underprivileged groups. Present positive messages about public welfare and responsibility in events and marketing campaign.
  5. Always comply with relevant regulations that safeguard vulnerable market segments such as elders, minors, those who are physically or mentally challenged, the economically or educationally disadvantaged, etc. Be aware of and sensitive to rural-urban disparities in each of the countries where we operate. Be sensitive to diversity and inclusiveness so that all markets, including different ethnicities and LGBQ populations are considered. Always thoroughly analyze and identify market segments. Use a variety of methods such as photos, videos, charts, illustrations and more to help ensure our communication channels are fully accessible to all passengers, potential passengers and informationally disadvantaged consumers, in addition to all front-facing colleagues within the company.
  6. Help keep information on the official EVA website up to date for consumers with disabilities or special medical needs. Use accessible web design for EVA’s official website, enabling visually, hearing or physically impaired consumers to easily browse, book, buy and perform functions related to our products and services.
  7. Ensure that those who have business relationships with EVA are familiar with and follow this policy, including vendors and their employees, temporary employees and partners.
  8. Those responsible for implementing this policy in EVA marketing and advertising campaigns and tools should continually review work products to ensure that content does not violate this policy. They must be ready to address  questions or concerns with PRD if action is needed.

Annual Audit

EVA must audit this policy once or more annually to ensure that all rules and guidelines are current and consistent with best practices for ethical marketing and advertising. If updates or revisions are needed, the responsible parties must revise or correct policy content.