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Purchase Miles/Top up Miles


Buy miles/Top up miles to make your travel dreams come true! 

You’ll never have to worry about insufficient mileage anymore! Purchase miles online right now or top up miles while redeeming awards, and redeem those miles for award tickets or upgrades as soon as they appear in your account! 

Mileage usage and restrictions

  1. Mileage price: 1,000 miles =USD40. Please purchase the mileage in multiples of 1,000 miles. 
  2. One membership card number can purchase and top up miles with a maximum of 150,000 miles during a calendar year.
  3. Limited to redeeming award tickets or seat upgrades on EVA Air/UNI Air international flights or Star Alliance partners’ flights only. 
    1. Award tickets 
      • EVA Air/UNI Air international flights
        Regardless of whether the award seat has been confirmed or not, the award ticket should be issued while mileage is still valid and before the ticket deadline. 
      • Star Alliance partners’ flights
        All reservations must be confirmed before ticketing. Airport standby is not permitted. The award ticket should be issued while mileage is still valid and before the ticket deadline. 
    2. Seat upgrades
      The system will automatically deduct miles valid until the departure date from your account once you book a confirmed upgrade seat.
  4. The purchase miles or top up miles used in the redemption cannot exceed half (50%) of the total mileage required for that redemption. 
  5. The purchase miles or top up miles cannot be used in the qualification for membership renewals or upgrades. The validity period of the purchase miles and top up miles is 36 months from the date of purchase. 
  6. The purchase miles or top up miles cannot be used together with the mileage transferred from other members. 
  7. The purchase miles or top up miles cannot be sold to other people. 
  8. Mileage expiring first in your account will be deducted first.
  9. Bonus miles earned from purchase miles or top up miles promotion is subject to the usage and restrictions hereinabove.

Specially agreed terms

  1. By clicking “Apply for Mileage Purchase”, you will leave the EVA official website ( You will be transferred from the EVA official website to the Points Platform, a third party website powered by Inc. All transactions are processed by Inc., and payments for the same are collected and processed by Inc. Mileage purchase transactions are non-refundable. 

  2. Points Platform is powered by Inc. EVA Air and its subsidiaries are not responsible for any products, services or other benefits provided by Inc. Inc. terms and conditions apply to such transactions and payments processed. 

  3. EVA Air strongly recommends that the “Infinity MileageLands” Member reads the terms and conditions. By utilizing the Points Platform, the “Infinity MileageLands” Member agrees to abide by the terms and conditions imposed by Inc. with respect to use of the Points Platform, including payment of all amounts when due and compliance with all rules and restrictions applicable to use of the Platform. GST/HST/QST is charged to Canadian residents. 

  4. Members can only purchase miles by credit card. Cash payments are not accepted. Currently, the payment can be made only in USD or TWD. Members are required to log in to their “Infinity MileageLands” accounts on before being transferred to the Points Platform to complete the transactions. 

  5. Handling charges of the card-issuing institution or bank shall be borne by the member. Should you have any questions, please consult your credit card issuing bank. 

  6. Any currency exchange rate, foreign transaction fee and additional fees are determined solely by the issuer of your payment instrument and not by Points or EVA. If you have any questions about these fees or the exchange rate applied to your transaction, please get in touch with your bank. 

  7. By making a mileage purchase, you acknowledge that you have read the relevant provisions herein carefully and agree to be bound by them. EVA Air may amend the rules from time to time and announce it on the website. Transactions completed before the amendment will not be affected. 

  8. In addition to the provisions of the Rules, the rules for “Earning Mileage/Mileage Redemption” of Infinity MileageLands also apply for the purchased mileage. If any rules herein are inconsistent with, or conflict with, the rules in the “Earning Mileage/Mileage Redemption” of Infinity MileageLands, the terms herein shall prevail.