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EVA, Chung Yuan Christian University Hold 2024 EVA Air ESG Innovative Design Competition

May 17, 2024

"Green Future" exhibition showcases sustainable achievements

EVA Air and Chung Yuan Christian University have again partnered to hold the "2024 EVA Air ESG Innovative Design Competition" with invitations to participate extended to teachers and students from colleges and universities. The awards ceremony was staged at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park on May 17, 2024 and cohosted by EVA President Clay Sun and Chung Yuan Christian University Chairman Kwang-Cheng Chang. From May 17 to 20, a four-day "Green Future" exhibition, showcasing outstanding competition designs alongside some of EVA’s own industry-leading sustainability initiatives with emphasis on environmental protections, innovations, regeneration and education.

EVA uses close to 1,200 different types of aviation cargo pallets and containers and 80 tons of consumables such as straps and nets that need to be replaced every year. To create a more sustainable life cycle for these materials, EVA teamed up with Chung Yuan Christian University in 2023 to launch the "EVA Air ESG Innovative Design Competition." The competition invited students to apply design and creativity to reusing, repurposing or recycling the damaged and worn out cargo pallets, containers and shipping equipment and to reimagine them as design materials. Initially, the competition attracted 333 thoughtfully executed entries.

"Globally, the aviation industry serves travelers from multiple generations and stays at the forefront of environmental issues,” said President Sun. "Facing threats that climate change presents, we believe it’s urgent that we work together to create a more sustainable and mutually beneficial living environment.”

EVA has adopted and promotes a range of fuel saving measures, including introducing highly efficient, next-generation aircraft that equip it to provide lower-carbon air transportation services. While the "Green Future" exhibition gives EVA the opportunity to showcase its own creative achievements, it also establishes a venue where larger audiences can discover outstanding works by participating students and help generate support for taking these creative ideas from concept to reality.

ESG award

"Chung Yuan Christian University school of design has been honored to co-host the design competition with EVA Air for the second time. It is the world's first national circular design competition for recycling resources such as aviation cargo pallets.” said Dean Chia-Lin Tsao. “This year's competition was even more intense. It has exposed young Taiwanese designers to new design topics and set the stage for future practices through students' creative ideas. We hope these students' design concepts can open doors to exploring possibilities of even more circular designs."

ESG award

This year's competition was divided into two groups, the "Spatial Design Group" and the "Commercial Product Design Group." In addition to aviation cargo pallets, straps and nets, entry design elements also included onboard blankets. Selection criteria were theme creativity, environmental integration and practical functionality. A total of 26 colleges and universities and nearly 600 entrants participated in 2024. A jury composed of professional designers rigorously evaluated 120 final entries and selected 20 of the most outstanding design solutions to receive awards. EVA provided 33 tickets as competition awards, including the top prize of two unlimited global round-trip Premium Economy Class tickets.

EVA has adopted sustainable practices and products companywide and is sharing applications through the "Green Future" exhibition. Especially for the exhibition, it scheduled award-winning teachers and students to share their creative ideas with the public. EVA also offered an introduction to its own corporate sustainability efforts. Onboard environmental protection service products jointly developed with suppliers, including ecoTHREAD™ blankets made from recycled plastic bottles, napkins made of bamboo fiber, eco-friendly paper cups and evian eco-friendly unlabeled mineral water were also on view.

Displays also featured three decommissioned aviation containers, the "The Cafe", "Air Book Hub" and "DIY Classroom." “The Cafe" served Illy premium coffee, certified for sustainable supply chain management, for the public to enjoy. The "Air Book Hub" presented the EVA e-Library, an environmentally friendly electronic library that the public could download and experience that included popular books. The "DIY Classroom" offered a handicraft course during exhibition hours, welcoming parents and children to create cultural and creative works together.

As EVA continues to implement various ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) action plans through practical actions, it will also work with partners to promote green, low-carbon transportation for international passengers and airfreight. EVA is committed to the goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2050.