Connectivity and Power

In-flight Wi-Fi Access*

You don't need to rush your e-mail correspondence or business matters amidst the hustle-bustle of an airport lounge anymore! With a smartphone, tablet or laptop you can enjoy speedy, Wi-Fi connection on B777-300ER and A330-300 aircraft, regardless of cabin class, just as you can on the ground.

In-flight Wi-Fi connection rates:(Tax included)

  • 11.95 USD for 1 hour
  • 16.95 USD for 3 hours
  • 21.95 USD for 24 hours


EVA Wi-Fi Home Page (Open in new window)

In-flight SMS Roaming*

If your airplane is going to arrive early and you wish to contact your car rental agency, all you need to do is activate the SMS roaming service on your mobile device. EVA Air has launched an in-flight text messaging service on selected B777-300ER aircrafts to keep you updated on whatever’s going on on the ground.

In-flight SMS roaming rates

rates depend on your own telecom operator; aircraft roaming charges will apply.

Inflight Text-messaging & Satellite Phone

Don’t let a flight stop you from communicating with business partners or family! Our inflight text-messaging service, which is part of the in-flight entertainment on selected B777-300ER, A330-200/300 aircrafts and the entire B747-400 fleet, enables you to handle e-mail correspondence or text-messages. You can also call anywhere in the world via our satellite phone service!

In-seat USB Port

If you are traveling on our selected B777-300ER (Royal Laurel Class) and A330-300 aircrafts (Premium Laurel Class), you can navigate through PDF files, photos and other multimedia content stored in your storage devices (iPod, USB flash drive**, AV connector-enabled device, etc.) on your seat-back screen. Instructions are shown on the screen once connected.

In-seat 110V AC Outlet

With our in-seat power outlets that adapt to all kinds of electrical plugs, business travelers can work efficiently on their laptops throughout the flight. Seats with built-in 110V AC outlets are available in all our Royal Laurel Class, Premium Laurel Class and Premium Economy Class, as well as in the Economy Class of A330-300 aircrafts.

*Service ONLY available on selected 777-300ER aircrafts.

The USB ports in the Economy Class of A330-300 aircrafts are for power charging only. You can buy iPod adapters at Apple company website (Open in new window) .