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Duration 2017/01/01~2017/12/31

Los Angeles - Fly Business Class to Amazing Destinations for less

Starting from USD 4,445

Duration 2017/06/01~2017/06/30

Houston to Your Dream Thailand Destination

Starting from USD 914

Duration 2017/06/14~2017/06/30

Daily Flight from Vancouver to Taipei with Connection to S.E. Asia!

Starting from CAD 1,444

Duration 2017/06/03~2017/06/30

14 flights per week from Canada to Taipei with connection to S.E. Asia!

Starting from CAD 1,546

Duration 2017/06/03~2017/06/30

More Flight! More Comfort! Early Bird Savings from Chicago to Select Asia Destinations

Starting from USD 635

Duration 2017/05/30~2017/06/30