TV Shows

Life In Pieces (S2Ep1)

Duration | Rating : 22min | PG

Heather attempts to convince Tyler and Clementine to annul their sudden marriage. Clementine's mother, Mary-Lynn, and uncle/de facto father, Spencer, are no help.

Elementary (S5Ep1)

Duration | Rating : 43min | PG13

When a serial bomber becomes active again after being dormant for six years, Watson seeks help from Shinwell Johnson, a former patient whose life she saved when she was a surgeon.

Elementary (S5Ep2)

Duration | Rating : 43min | PG13

When the leader of a local street gang abducts Holmes to compel him to find the person responsible for a hit on his men.

Elementary (S5Ep3)

Duration | Rating : 43min | PG13

Holmes learns a secret about Captain Gregson’s girlfriend when she hires him for a case she wants kept off of Gregson’s radar. Also, Holmes and Watson join the NYPD’s search for an abducted woman.

W (Ep1)

Duration | Rating : 60min | G

Surgeon Oh Yeon-joo finds out that her famous comic artist father is missing, so she rushes to his studio is look for clues. She is then abducted by a stranger covered in blood.

W (Ep2)

Duration | Rating : 60min | G

Kang Chul believes Yeon-joo is the key to his life.

Grey's Anatomy (S12Ep24)

Duration | Rating : 43min | PG13

Jo reveals she has been keeping secrets from Alex, while Arizona and Callie deal with the impact of their custody arrangement. Meanwhile, Ben leaps into action to help a friend.

Descendants of the Sun (Ep15)

Duration | Rating : 60min | PG

Sijin and Moyeon spent their happiest moments of their lives, but Daeyeong and Myeongju were going through difficult times.

Descendants of the Sun (Ep16)

Duration | Rating : 60min | PG

Moyeon was enjoying her time with Sijin, who came back alive. Daeyeong and Myeongju finally made up and Myeongju's father approved of Daeyeong.

The Mysteries of Laura (S2Ep5)

Duration | Rating : 45min | PG

Laura and her team unravel a dark secret from a past case while investigating the death of the wife of a national media baron.


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