Star Alliance Upgrade Awards (SAUA)

How to Apply an Upgrade Award

  • You must have an active and confirmed booking in an eligible class with ticket. Booking can be made at any booking source. Mileage Accumulation is based on the actual ticket class. Please put your Infinity MileageLands number into your booking for automatic mileage accumulation after boarding.
  • Upgrades to Business Class: Qualified only when the reservation class is Y or B. The following airlines have additional classes qualified.
Additional Classes QualifiedOEUGSM

Note1: If the flight operates under 2 cabin aircraft of Economy class and First class, it is allowed to request upgrade
           award of First class from Economy class of above eligible class.
Note2: Travel date on and after Mar 6, 2018, OS will provide G, E as additional qualified classes.

  • Upgrades to First Class: Qualified only when the reservation class is C or D. The following airlines have additional classes qualified.
Additional Classes QualifiedJZU
  • Star Alliance connecting partners (e.g. HO) do not provide upgrade award service.
  • Star Alliance airlines without first class operation: JP, A3 ,AC ,NZ, OS, AV, SN, CM, OU, ET, LO, SK, TP, TK, SA, O6
  • Please make sure to print the above eligible class on your ticket.
  • Please check your travelling area and required mileage in advance.(Check the Star Alliance Upgrade Awards Mileage Redemption Chart for more information).
  • Please make sure you have reached the upgrade award requirement with valid miles earned by the same account number. You may follow the following steps to apply for an upgrade award through the SAUA Upgrade on EVA Air’s website.
    1. Step 1: Please login with your membership number and password.
    2. Step 2: Please select whether “You have companions within the same record” or “You have no companions”(Up to 4 members in a single booking can be upgraded.)
    3. Step 3: Please login companions’ membership number and password.
    4. Step 4: Please input or select your flight request on ”Carrier”, ”Flight Number”, ”Original Cabin”, ”date”, “Departure/Arrival Airport Code” columns. (Upgrade award is based on one segment. Waitlist is not permitted.)
    5. Step 5: Please choose whether to use your own miles or the miles transferred to you under your account to confirm your upgrade award. (Upgrade Certificate is not permitted.)
    6. Step 6: The system will automatically deduct miles from your account once your booking is confirmed. The total mileage required for the upgrade must be valid till the departure date.
  • Infant, Group, Industry discount, agency discount or award tickets cannot be used for upgrade awards redemption. Please contact Star Alliance Carrier for Infant’s upgrade request.
  • The required mileage of adult and child are the same.
  • You are responsible for all taxes and surcharges for an upgrade award.
  • Upgrade awards are limited to the next higher class only. If the flight operates under 2 cabin aircraft of Economy class and First class, you are allowed to request upgrade award of First class from Economy class directly.
  • Singapore Airlines Suites Class cabin cannot be used for upgrade award and upgrades to Business Class will not be applicable on some aircraft with Premium Economy Class.
  • Please book your upgrade award 24 hours prior to flight departure.
  • You need not through ticket re-issuing; you will still have the original booked class ticket.
  • When you rebook or cancel upgrade booking, please contact the Operating Carrier Airline to cancel the upgrade segment first, and then rebook.
  • When your upgrade reservation is canceled, the system will take 3-5 days to process the re-deposit of the original valid miles back to your account after receiving the cancellation message from the Operating Carrier Airline.
  • Restrictions may be placed on flight numbers, routes and classes.
  • Your special requests accompanied with upgrade awards may not be available according to the conditions of the operating carrier. Service regulations for the special request passenger (e.g. special meal, prior seat assignment, passenger riding in a wheelchair, infant traveling alone, etc.) may differ, depending on the operating carrier airline. Therefore, be sure to contact the operating carrier airline for confirmation. 
  • Award seats on Star Alliance member airlines are subject to capacity control by the operating carrier airline for confirmation.
  • You must be booked onto an Operating Carrier Airline that is a member of the Star Alliance.
  • Upgrade awards are not applicable to Codeshare flights.
  • You cannot book for seat upgrade in a waiting list upon reservation or request standby for seat upgrade at the airport check-in.
  • If your presented ticket at the airport check-in counter does not comply with the criteria for upgrade, you must abide by the recommendation of the operating airline’s airport staff.
  • Before boarding, be sure to check with the flight airline or the EVA Air Reservation Center as partner airline flights may be cancelled or changed without prior notification.

Requirements for Upgrade Awards

Please click here to download the Star Alliance Upgrade Awards Mileage Redemption Chart