Company History

Date of Incorporation :April,07,1989


Major Milestones



On September 1, 1988 at the celebration for the 20th birthday of Evergreen Marine Corporation, Group Chairman Y. F. Chang announced that Evergreen would launch an international airline. EVA was officially formed in March 1989. After careful deliberation, the fledgling airline signed a contract with Boeing/McDonnell Douglas for 26 aircraft at a total purchase value of US$3.6 billion, and immediately captured the attention of the global airline market.



EVA accepted delivery of its first two Boeing 767-300ERs in April, and made its inaugural flight on July 1. Within that first week, the new airline opened five destinations in Asia -- Bangkok, Seoul, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.



The comprehensive EVA Training Center opened in July, and the carrier’s first two all-passenger Boeing 747-400s were delivered in November. EVA used the first flights of the new aircraft to launch its Taipei-Los Angeles route and introduce its four classes of cabin service, including the debut of its trend-setting Evergreen Deluxe Class in-between Economy and Super Business.



EVA set new standards and heightened expectations by expanding its network to more than half a dozen new destinations, and by launching service to London, Paris, Seattle, New York, San Francisco and Sydney.



EVA made the greatest number of new aircraft additions to its fleet this year, purchasing a total of eight, including three MD-11s, one Boeing 747-400 and four Boeing 767-200s. The airline also added Hawaii, Bali, Fukuoka and Auckland routes to its network.



The carrier purchased three MD-11 freighters and began to vigorously develop air cargo operations. It set goals emphasizing passenger and cargo services equally. And it used joint operations and land transportation to successfully extend EVA Cargo services worldwide.



Enhancing the high quality of its operations, EVA applied for ISO-9002 certification. Within the next year, its passenger service, cargo service and aviation maintenance operations were all three granted ISO-9002 international certifications simultaneously. EVA achieved ISO-9001:2000 certification in 2001.



Ensuring consistent service quality, EVA and Singapore Airlines formed Evergreen Sky Catering Corporation as a joint venture and in February, began providing in-flight catering services.



Promoting air safety, EVA signed a joint-venture contract with General Electric and established Evergreen Aviation Technologies Corporation on February 24. That same day, a powerful new engine test cell was placed in operation, and the new joint venture began an aggressive campaign to raise the standards of the aircraft maintenance business.



Earning brilliant results with both passenger and cargo service, EVA produced outstanding operating performances for five successive years. The Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) of Taiwan approved its admission to the exchange, and on October 27, EVA shares began to be traded on the over-the-counter market.



In anticipation of future needs and to expand its fleet, EVA signed a purchase contract in June with the Boeing Company for 15 Boeing 777-200X/300Xs that included a firm order for seven of the aircraft and an option for eight more. Deliveries began in 2005. The carrier relocated its hub to the brand-new Terminal 2 at Taoyuan International Airport at the end of July.



EVA committed to add more new, technologically advanced aircraft to its fleet in March by signing a purchase contract for eight Airbus A330-200s and making plans to start taking deliveries in 2003. EVA also secured approval to transfer its stock listing from OTC and on 17 September, moved its shares to the Taiwan Security Exchange (TSE).



EVA launched its online booking system on January 9. It gained approval to add 24 passenger flights on its thriving Hong Kong route and to begin new freighter service. It also introduced a new slogan “Just relax, your home in the air.”



EVA debuted stylish new cabin-crew uniforms on April 1, took delivery of its first A330-200 on June 26 and introduced its new generation of a top cabin class, Premium Laurel, along with an upgraded economy class and an awesome, state-of-the-art Audio/ Video on Demand system.



EVA exercised an option for eight Boeing 777-300ERs that was part of the firm purchase contract executed with Boeing in June 2000, expanding its fleet by a total of 15 brand-new Boeing 777-300ERs. Deliveries of the new aircraft started in 2005 and will continue through 2010.



EVA took delivery of its first two of fifteen Boeing 777-300ERs and introduced the extra-roomy, exceptionally comfortable new aircraft to passengers on the Bangkok and London with an inviting new slogan, “Sharing the World, Flying Together.”



EVA opened its new Southern China Cargo Center in Hong Kong, enabling it more efficiently and quickly to move air freight shipments in and out of the region.



EVA received 2007 The Richard Teller Crane Founder’s Award from the international Flight Safety Foundation for “its corporate leadership in aviation safety programs and its superb safety records.” In the five years since the coveted award was established, EVA was the first Asian airline and only the second airline among all recipients to receive it.



Readers selected EVA as the Best Airline for Premium Economy in Global Traveler magazine’s fifth annual GT Tested Survey. The international business-travel publication surveyed its readers between January 1 and August 31, 2008, inviting them to identify “the best” in 55 categories of business and luxury travel. Readers returned 31,457 completed questionnaires.



EVA launched the regular cross-strait flights (30 flights per week) from August 31 2009 from Taipei, Taoyuan, and Kaohsiung to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Tianjin, and Ningbo.



EVA added new service from Taipei’s Songshan Airport to Shanghai’s Hongqiao International Airport started from June 14, 2010. It complemented EVA’s current nine flights a week between Taoyuan International Airport and Pudong International Airport.



Belgium’s Brussels Airport has honored EVA Cargo with its 2010 Network Development Award Cargo Airline. This event marked the airport’s fourth consecutive awards program to recognize outstanding cargo and passengers carriers for punctuality and efficiency, environment and safety, and network and route development.



Star Alliance accepted the membership application of EVA on March 29, 2012. By 2013 the integration process would be scheduled to complete.



EVA joined the Star Alliance network in June 2013, further strengthening the Alliance’s presence in Asia/Pacific. In December 2013, EVA and Singapore Airlines teamed up on Taipei-Singapore flights, gave passengers more choices.



EVA ranked's World Safest Airlines Top Ten list and EVA launched the regular flights from Taoyuan to Okinawa, Shijiazhuang and Taiyuan.



The Company was recognized as one of “World’s Top-10 Safest Airlines” and “World’s Top-10 Long-Haul Airline in Asia Pacific” by Also, the Company ranked 3rd among the world’s safest airlines by Germany’s AERO International Magazine, “The World’s Top Ten Best Airlines” and “Best Airline Cabin Cleanliness” in SKYTRAX’s 2015 World Airline Awards. To expand fleets, EVA signed agreements with the Boeing Company to introduce 24 Boeing 787 Dreamliners and 2 additional Boeing 777-300ERs. Besides, EVA Air launched the regular flights from Kaohsiung to Osaka and Fukuoka, from Taoyuan to Houston, from Taichung to Seoul.



As usual, EVA was recognized as World’s Safest Airlines by and hold the third position among the world’s safest airlines in an annual index compiled by Germany's Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre (JACDEC). EVA received Global Traveler Magazine's “Best Airport Staff/Gate Agents” award, “Leisure Lifestyle Award for Outstanding Customized Service” (Hello Kitty Jets), and the 8th of 2016“The World’s Best International Airlines” on the Travel + Leisure Magazine's. SKYTRAX, the world’s leading airline rating institution, ranked EVA as “5-Star Airline”, the 8th of “World Best Airline”, the “Best Transpacific Airline”, the “Best Business Class Comfort Amenities” as well as the world’s 3rd “Most Loved Airlines”. In 2016, EVA also launched flights from Taoyuan to Cebu and Chicago.



At the beginning of the year, EVA is awarded CAA’s 2016 “Golden Flyer Award” for International and Cross-Strait Route Group. The famous magazine Business Traveller announced that EVA was awarded the Gold Medal of 2016 “Best Business Class Cellar” and “Best First Class Sparkling”. Airline rating institution SKYTRAX announced EVA Air as the “5-Star Airline”, 2017 “Best Airline Cabin Cleanliness ”,“Best Business Class Comfort Amenities” and ranked 6th among “The World’s Top Ten Best Airlines”. Moreover, The Infinity Lounge in Taoyuan Airport was rewarded as 2016 “Top 10 First and Business Class Airline Lounges” by SKYTRAX. The Company also listed 10th of 2017 “The World’s Best International Airlines” on the Travel + Leisure Magazine’s. New flights were launched from Taipei to Tianjin and Chongqing in 2017.



EVA Air wins the Gold Medal for 2017 “Best Business Class Sparkling” by leading magazine Business Traveller. In addition, the Company is the winner of “World’s Safest Airlines” rated by for the five consecutive years.


Market and Sales Overview


Founded in March 1989, EVA Air, a one-hundred-percent privately owned Taiwanese airline, is the sister company of Evergreen Marine Corporation, which is the world famous shipping line in terms of container operation.  Since the inauguration of its maiden flight  on July 01, 1991, EVA Air is currently serving 64 destinations over four continents, except Africa, with 79 aircraft and is still steadily expanding its operation network and fleet.
Chairman:Lin Bou-Shiu
President:Sun Chia-Ming

Major Shareholder:
Evergreen Marine Corporation
Evergreen International Corporation



Market Capitalization as of Apr. 30, 2019:
NT$ 71,009,379 thousand 

Shares Outstanding as of Apr. 30, 2019:
Common Stock: 4,687,088 thousand shares


EVA Air's Quality Assurance:

Safety and Convenience
Excellent Service
Customer Satisfaction

Marketing Alliances with Other Airlines:


Air Canada, Air China, Air India, Air New Zealand, All Nippon Airways, Asiana Airlines, Avianca, Bangkok Airways, Copa Airlines, Hainan Airlines, Hong Kong Airlines, Juneyao Airlines, Shandong Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, Thai Airways, Singapore Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Uni Airways, United Airlines.



Air China Cargo.


EVA Air's Affiliate: (As of May. 01, 2019)

Company% of ownership

Evergreen Aviation Technologies Corp.


Evergreen Airline Services Corporation


Evergreen Sky Catering Corporation


Evergreen Air Cargo Services Corporation


Evergreen Airways Service (Macau) Ltd.


Hsiang-Li Investment Corporation


PT Perdana Andalan Air Service


Sky Castle Investment Ltd.


EVA Flight Training Academy


Major Shareholders:(As of Sep. 17, 2018)

EntityNumber of SharesPercentage
Evergreen Marine Corp.(Taiwan)Ltd.714,825,41616.31%
Evergreen International Corp.533,348,94412.17%
Falcon Investment Services Ltd.501,804,30911.45%
Evergreen Steel Crop.221,107,8915.05%
New Labor Pension Fund55,901,2071.28%
Evergreen International Storage&Transport Corp.43,203,4530.99%

Operational Data in Year 2018:


Number of Passenger Flown12,541,877
Revenue Passenger Kilometer (RPK)48,368,418,455
Available Seat Kilometer (ASK)59,835,563,790
Load Factor80.84%

Cargo :
Total Freight Tonnage649,184
Freight Tonnage Kilometer (FTK)3,666,262,028
Available Freight Tonnage Kilometer (AFTK)4,392,437,455
Load Factor83.47%

Employee : (As of Apr 30, 2019)

Flight Attendant4,305
Administration Staff5,510


Main Business and Services


The Services


EVA Air Network: (As of May. 01, 2019)

AmericaAnchorage*Atlanta*Dallas*Los AngelesNew YorkChicagoSeattle
San FranciscoVancouverTorontoHouston 
Hong KongSeoulKaohsiungOsakaKomatsuKuala LumpurMacau
ManilaNaritaHakodatePenang*Phnom PenhSendaiHo Chi Minh City
AsahikawaChiang Mai
Mainland ChinaGuangzhouChongqingZhengzhouChengduHangzhouHarbinGuilin

*dedicated freighter destinations
Total: 64 destinations


EVA Air Fleet: (As of May. 1, 2019)

Aircraft TypeIn ServiceTo Be Delivered
B747-400 (Freighter)1 
B777 F (Freighter)41
Total: 79 Aircraft in service



According to Articles of Incorporation of EVA Airways Corporation, the Company has to elect minimum 7 to maximum 9 directors during Annual General Shareholders Meeting. The tenure of the directors shall be 3 years. The directors shall consist Board of Directors which is responsible for determining and executing the Company’s relative business. The Board of Directors shall elect a Chairman of the Board Directors from among the directors by a major vote at a meeting attend by over two-third of the directors, and may also elected a Vice Chairman in the same manner. The Chairman shall be the representative of the Company to manage all the business operation.
To strengthen Corporate Governance and enhance the ability of Board of Directors, the Company sets up Remuneration Committee and Audit Committee which are subordinated under Board of Directors. The Remuneration Committee is responsible for periodically reviewing the remuneration policies of directors and managers and stipulating a reasonable remuneration for them according to their devotion on company operation. The Audit Committee is mainly responsible for monitoring the fair presentation of the Company’s financial statements, the appointment, dismissal and independence of CPA as well as the effectiveness of the Company’s internal control.
The Company also appoint one President to handle the Company’s business according to the resolutions of Board of Directors. The appointment and dismissal of the President shall be decided by a resolution to be adopted by majority vote of the directors at a meeting of the Board of Directors attended by at least a majority of the entire directors of the Company.



Auditing Div.

Responsible for the inspection and evaluation of internal control to promote operating performance.

Legal & Insurance Div.

Responsible for aviation insurance affairs, contracts review, legal consultation, litigation and non-contentious matters.

Public Relations Div.

Responsible for advertising, planning PR activities and corporate image marketing.

Human Resources Div.

Responsible for human resources management, recruiting, execution of general training programs, employee assistance and care, and union affairs.

General Affairs Dept.

Responsible for the building maintenance, dormitory operations, receptions for visiting, employee cafeteria operations and so on.

Clinic Div.

Responsible for arranging employee’s regular health examinations, health promotion, disease prevention, medical consultation and general medical treatments.

Finance Div.

Responsible for financial reports, stocks and tax processing, funding management, recording and auditing operation revenue, providing operating analysis data and so on.

Corporate Safety, Security & Environment Div.

Responsible for drawing up corporate safety, security, environment and energy related policies; establishing corporate safety, security, environment and energy management system; implementing flight and ground staff safety and security trainings; carrying out irregular flight and ground safety or security emergency event response and investigation. 

Occupational Safety & Health Div.

Responsible for the planning and implementation of occupational safety and health management.

Corporate Planning Div.

Responsible for developing the company's management principles, analyzing the managing efficiency, planning flight routes, fuel procurement and negotiations of the freedoms of the air, etc.

Operation Management Dept.

Responsible for the worldwide station operation managements, planning and managing the Star Alliance and concerning projects.

Digital And Information Planning Dept.

Responsible for the planning and management of passenger and cargo service systems, data science, customer experience, e-commerce, social media, and Star Alliance digital services.

Passenger Management Div.

Responsible for the worldwide passenger revenue management ,pricing strategy development and concerning matters .

Passenger Business Div.

Responsible for passenger sales-related management and concerning matters for Taiwan.

Customer Service Div.

Responsible for reservations and ticketing, service quality checks and customer care.

Cargo Div.

Responsible for the worldwide freight revenue management, capacity management, pricing and marketing strategy development.

Loyalty Marketing Dept.

Responsible for planning rewards approaches for EVA Air members, contracting with alliance airlines and cross-industries, participation and implementation of the Star Alliance member’s projects.

Flight Operations Div.

Responsible for the pilots’ scheduling, management and training, flight dispatch, analyzing aircraft performances and fuel consumption of routes, formulating operating manual for aircraft and flight simulator equipment management.

Cabin Crew Div.

Responsible for the flight attendant’s scheduling, management and training, formulating standard operating procedures, etc.

Cabin Service Div.

Responsible for the development, procurement, marketing and warehousing of duty-free items, cabin service supplies, sky shop and LOGO commodities and sky catering management, etc.

Engineering & Maintenance Div.

Responsible for the aircraft's engineering technologies, maintenance program planning and control, fleets airworthiness monitoring, the audit of aircraft spare part purchase and repair, and so on.

Airport Div.

Responsible for the passenger immigration related affairs and airlines dispatch.

Sky Jet Center

Responsible for the hosting, maintenance and ground handling affairs of business jets.

Computer Div.

Responsible for the design and maintenance of computer programs, the procurement of computer equipment and maintenance and the consulting of operation computer system.

Foreign Branches

Responsible for the branch’s development and promotion of passenger and freight related businesses  overseas.


Management Team

TitleNameEducation and Experience
PresidentSun Chia-MingBachelor of International Trade, Chinese Cultural University
Chief Executive Vice PresidentHo Ching-Sheng

Master of Aviation Safety, University of Central Missouri
Master of Business Administration, University of Central Missouri

Senior Vice President, Auditing Div.Lee Yi-Chung

Bachelor of Accounting, Tunghai University
Deputy Senior Vice President, Evergreen Aviation Technologies Corp.

Executive Vice President, Legal & Insurance Div.Hsu Hui-Sen

Master of the Law of the Sea, National Taiwan Ocean University
Legal Affairs (Senior Vice President), Group Management Head Office

Executive Vice President, Public Relations Div.Kou Jin-Cheng

Bachelor of Navigation, National Taiwan Ocean University
General Manager in China, Group Management Head Office

Executive Vice President, Human Resources Div.Hsiao Chin-Lung

Department of International Trade, Tamsui Institute of Business Administration

Senior Vice President, General Affairs Dept.Soong AllenDepartment of Tourism, World College of Journalism
Doctor, Clinic Div.Liu Yu-ChingBachelor of Medicine, National Taiwan University
Executive Vice President, (Financial Officer), Finance Div.Tsai Ta-WeiBachelor of Accounting, Chinese Cultural University

Chief Executive Vice President, (hold a position of) Corporate Safety, Security & Environment Div.
/Occupational Safety & Health Div.

Ho Ching-ShengMaster of Aviation Safety, University of Central Missouri
Master of Business Administration, University of Central Missouri
Executive Vice President, Corporate Planning Div.Liao Chi-Wei

Master of Marine Biology, National Sun Yat-sen University
President (Junior Vice President), EZFLY.COM Corporation

Senior Vice President, Operation Management Dept.Lin Ta-YuanBachelor of Economics, Feng Chia University
Deputy Senior Vice President, Digital And Information Planning Dept.Chiu Chung-YuBachelor of Mechanical Engineering, Feng Chia University
Executive Vice President, Passenger Management Div.Li Shyh-LiangBachelor of Traffic and Transportation Management, Feng Chia University
Executive Vice President, (hold a position of) Passenger Business Div.Li Shyh-LiangBachelor of Traffic and Transportation Management, Feng Chia University
Senior Vice President, Customer Service Div.Yang, Hsiu-HueyDepartment of Radio & Television, World College of Journalism
Executive Vice President, Cargo Div.Chuang Shih-HsiungBachelor of Animal Science and Biotechnology, Tunghai University
Deputy Senior Vice President, Loyalty Marketing Dept.Liu Ying-ChunBachelor of Spanish, Tamkang University
Executive Vice President, Flight Operations Div.Chen Yeou-YuhBachelor of Maritime Science, Tamkang University
Executive Vice President, Cabin Crew Div.Lu Yu-ChuanBachelor of Business Administration, Fu Jen University
Junior Vice President, Evergreen Aviation Technologies Corp.
Executive Vice President, Cabin Service Div.Chang Jang-Tsang

Bachelor of Business Management, Tatung University
Senior Vice President, UNI Airways Corp.

Executive Vice President, Engineering & Maintenance Div.Kuo Chun-Yi

Bachelor degree in Aeronautical Engineering, Feng Chia University
Executive Vice President, Evergreen Aviation Technologies Corp.

Executive Vice President, Airport Div.Yeh Shih-Chung

Bachelor of Industrial Management, National Taiwan Institute of Technology

Office Chief (Deputy Senior Vice President), Sky Jet CenterLee, KangBachelor of Traffic and Transportation Management, Feng Chia University
Executive Vice President, Computer Div.Fang Gwo-Shianng

Bachelor of Computer Science, Feng Chia University
Deputy Junior Vice President, Evergreen IT Corp.