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TAP Portugal Airways

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About TAP Portugal Airways

TAP Portugal is the Portuguese leading airline, member of Star Alliance since March 14, 2005. Its Lisbon hub is a key European gateway at the crossroads of the African, North & South American continents, where TAP stands out as a leading carrier in operation to Brazil, with direct services to 10 different gateways.

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TAP Portugal

Earning Miles on Star Alliance Partners - Mileage Table

Cabin ClassPurchased Fare ClassMile Earned
Cabin ClassBusinessPurchased Fare ClassC/D/J/ZMile EarnedActual miles x 125%
Cabin ClassEconomyPurchased Fare ClassY/B/H/M/QMile EarnedActual miles x 100%
Cabin ClassEconomyPurchased Fare ClassG/K/L/P/S/U/V/WMile EarnedActual miles x 50%
No mileage accrualPurchased Fare ClassI/X/A/N/R/F/E/O/TMile Earned0%