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Afraid you might miss out on this special fare? Don’t worry. We can hold it for you for up to 72 hours!

From now on, you have more flexibility to plan your trip!

Keep Your Fare choice. Hold the fare you want and your booking for 72 hours before your ticket must be issued.

How to book with Keep Your Fare:

  1. Select where and when you want to go, using EVA Air’s online booking system.
  2. On the payment page, check the Keep Your Fare fee and confirm the new ticketing deadline.
  3. Once the booking is complete, you will receive a booking reference code. (This does not mean the ticket has been issued, only that a booking has been made)
  4. Take your time to plan your adventure with friends or family. Remember to confirm and pay for your ticket via Manage Your Trip on EVA Air’s website or App before the Keep Your Fare deadline.

Not eligible:

  • Flights departing within 7 days.
  • Flights not operated by EVA Air or that do not have a BR flight number.
  • Happy Hours, some special promotion fares and Corporate Internet Booking System users.
  • Passenger want to use Miles & Cash.


  • During the holding time, your booking is not allowed for any change. For any required change, you will have to cancel the booking or let it expire. You can also make changes after payment and ticket issuance. All the changes, i.e. cancel and refund, will then follow the fare rule of your ticket.
  • Fares available from our online booking system may vary during your holding time, but the on-hold booking will not be affected by the change. 
  • The Keep Your Fare fee is in addition to the ticket, and is not refundable.
  • Miles & Cash (deducting fare with mileage) is not eligible with Keep Your Fare service.
  • You cannot change your ticket or use other Manage Your Trip functions before the Keep Your Fare process is completed and the ticket fare paid. 
  • Your reservation will be automatically canceled if payment is not made by the deadline. Please be advised that we won’t send any reminder during the holding time.
  • If EVA Air cancels a flight or makes a schedule change, please contact our reservation or ticketing center to cancel and refund the transaction on hold.
  • Payment and ticket issuance for all passengers in a booking need to be done at the same time.
  • EVA Air reserves the right to adjust all terms and conditions.