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Introduction of Manage Your Trip

Seat Selection

Online seat selection is available up to 12 hours before your scheduled flight departure.

  • Seat selection service availability: This service applies to EVA Air and UNI Air international flights only. It does not apply to charter and codesharing flights. Only passengers with a confirmed reservation may select their seat online. Standby and waitlisted passengers cannot use this service.
  • Online seat changes are available to the following passengers up until 12 hours before flight departure:
    • Those who originally selected their seat through EVA Air's online reservation system.
    • Those with a seat assigned by EVA Air's reservation centre or a travel agency. (single passenger booking records only).
  • Passenger eligibility: To ensure the highest standards of service and the safety and comfort of all passengers, online seat selection is unavailable to:
    • Minors under the age of 12 who are travelling unaccompanied.
    • Passengers requiring special assistance (such as those with medical conditions).
    • Group travel passengers (bookings of 10 or more passengers in one single booking reference.)
  • Click here for more information regarding baggage.
  • EVA Air and UNI Air may adjust seats, other than those being pre-selected by passengers, due to flight-type changes or airport operating requirements.
  • Due to airports' operational needs, online seat selection is only available for certain areas of the cabin. If no available seats can be found online, please contact reservations or select your seat during online check-in (available from 48 hours before your flight).

Online Meal Order

Exquisite delicacies are just one click away. Haven’t ordered your meal online yet? A wide selection of meals includes Main-meal Selection, Online Exclusive Meal, Exclusive Gourmet meal and Special meals. Move your fingers and pick a favorite one!

  1. Main-meal Selection: Select your favorite meal in advance from the in-flight menu for delicacies curated from around the world.
  2. Online Exclusive Meal: Enjoy our chef's featuring meals available only through online pre-order. 
  3. Exclusive Gourmet Meal: Pre-purchase online to enjoy your specialty dishes created in collaboration with celebrity chefs. (For the direct flights from TPE to the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bali and Jakarta.)
  4. Special Meals: We offer pre-order service of special meals according to your religious or medical concerns. Reservations are welcome for all cabins.

The services provided by each class are as follows:

  • Royal Laurel, Premium Laurel, Business Class and UNI Air Business Class
    • Main-meal Selection
    • Online Exclusive Meal(Available on selected routes)
  • Premium Economy
    • Main-meal Selection(U.S., Canada, Europe and Singapore routes)
    • Exclusive Gourmet Meal (Direct flights from TPE to the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bali and Jakarta)
  • Economy
    • Exclusive Gourmet Meal (Direct flights from TPE to the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bali and Jakarta)

Note for the Online Meal Order function:

  1. Passengers with issued tickets and confirmed reservation can enjoy this service.
  2. Meal Order can be made no earlier than 21 days and no later than 24 hours prior to your departure. (It is not available for passengers traveling on charter flights, unscheduled flights and code-sharing flights operated by other airlines.)
  3. If your flight schedule or cabin class changes, your original meal order will be canceled automatically. Please place a new meal order at your convenience.
  4. Exclusive Gourmet Meal: Each passenger can purchase one Exclusive Gourmet Meal. If you would like to change your meal order, please cancel it and place a new order 24 hours before departure on EVA official website - Meal Order. If flight changes or other involuntary reasons that cause the Exclusive Gourmet Meal to be canceled such as the temporary flight cancellation, please contact our customer service center for further refund. Please click REFUND APPLICATION / REFUND INQUIRY for more information.
  5. For unforeseen reasons the meals served during your flight do not match those shown here. Alternative meals may be served without notice. Please refer to your in-flight menu for full details.
  6. Please read the relevant regulations before choosing meals. If you have any other questions, please contact our reservation.

KSML ( Kosher Meal) request should be made 72 hours prior to departure via contact with your local reservation center.

Reservation Center

Online Check-in

Want to save yourself time at the airport?

Try our online check-in then! If you don't have any checked baggage, you can just arrive at the boarding gate no later than 30 minutes before the departure time. The customs clearance time varies from one airport to another, so please refer to the airport information on our website.

  • Check-in time: You can check in online and obtain your boarding pass between 48 hours and 1 hour prior to departure at our official website to save time at the airport.
  • Bag drop: Online check-in has not completely replaced traditional check-in, therefore, you may still be required to complete your check-in at the airport counter, even if you checked in online, for reasons such as document verification or baggage check-in. However, checking in online can still save you time as it allows you to partially check in in advance.
  • Online check-in service availability: Eligible flights include international flights operated by EVA Air and UNI Air. Codeshare flights operated by other airlines and charter flights are currently not eligible. Online check-in is only available to ticketed passengers with confirmed bookings. Passengers must enter relevant travel documentation (including passports and visas). It is recommended that passengers have travel documents and booking information at hand.
  • Purchaser credit card verification: For your security and to prevent credit card fraud, any passenger who purchases a ticket online will be required to present the relevant credit card at the check-in counter.
  • Online check-in is unavailable to the following passengers:
    • Passengers with an upgraded booking cannot check in online.
    • Passengers who are not electronic ticket holders.
    • Passengers whose booking has not yet been confirmed.
    • Passengers whose booking has not yet been ticketed.
    • Passengers who are required to pay a fare difference or tax associated with the ticket.
    • Passengers whose flight schedule does not match the original electronic ticket.
    • If you are checking in for multiple flight segments on the same ticket, please proceed according to the order of flights on your ticket.
  • Online check-in canceling: If you have completed online check-in but wish to make late changes to your booking (from 48 hours to 1 hour before departure), you must first cancel your online check-in. After a new booking made, you may still use online check-in for your new flight.
  • Return check-in service: For passengers who are travelling between Taipei/Kaohsiung and Hong Kong/Macau and have a return flight on the same day or the day following departure, the online check-in system will automatically complete the check-in process for both segments.
  • US Visa Waiver Program: Since 12 January, 2009, all Visa Waiver Program travellers must apply to the US using the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) and be pre-approved for travel. Applications must be made at least 72 hours before departure. Passengers who plan to enter the US using the Visa Waiver Program will not be permitted to board their flight unless their details have been registered with the ESTA website.

Flight Status Update

If you can't get online, have flight status updates sent directly to your mobile phone or email!

  • Since the aircraft's flight status can change at any time, it is important that you check the website for any boarding time updates.
  • EVA Air (BR) and UNI Air (B7) are not liable for non-delivery of messages and cannot guarantee the accuracy, timeliness or reliability of SMS notifications.
  • Flight Status Update for members: Using the Flight SMS Alert for Members function, you can choose whether or not to receive an SMS message informing you of the status updates to your flight. The message will be sent to the mobile phone number or email address included in your Infinity MileageLands profile. This service is available only to Club members flying internationally with EVA Air (BR) and UNI Air (B7).

Advance Passenger Information (APIS) for US/Canada

Please enter Advance Passenger Information as required by US/Canada immigration authorities. This information will help streamline the check-in process.

Travel Tips Service

To provide you a quality service and more attentive travel information, we will send a "Travel Tips" email to passengers who have a confirmed international flight with EVA Air or UNI Air. (Passengers will not receive the Travel Tips email for the standby flight segment.)

"Travel Tips" are sent out from 48 hours before the scheduled departure time of your flight. Our system will resend the travel tips later if they are not sent due to late booking confirmation or any other factors. To prevent emails from automatically being sorted as spam, it is recommended to add "" to your safe senders list.

Travel tips will be sent to:

  • Passengers who purchase tickets on EVA official website or EVA Mobile App.
  • Infinity MileageLands members who have an email address saved in their membership profile and provide their membership card number in their booking records.
    If the Infinity MileageLands member purchases a ticket through the EVA official website or mobile app, travel tips will be sent out to the member's saved email address.
  • Passengers who have applied for Automated Check-in (48hrs) on EVA official website or EVA Mobile App.
  • For those passengers who have saved up an email in the booking records. (Not available for Charter flight passenger).

Travel tips provide:

  • Itinerary and booking information
  • Seat reservation
  • Baggage information
  • Departure/arrival information
  • Airport information, airline office contact information
  • Exchange rate & plug type information
  • City tourism information
  • Seat map, in-flight entertainment and duty-free shopping services