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EVA Wins Another Mark of Excellence, Quality Achievement Ranking 8th among SKYTRAX's Top 10 Best Airlines in the World

Jun 25, 2024

SKYTRAX, an airline and airport review and ranking site, unveiled its “2024 Global Airline Awards” at the Fairmont Windsor Park on Monday, 24 June, 2024. EVA Air President Clay Sun attended on behalf of EVA and accepted 16 of the airline’s awards, including 8th place ranking among the “World's Top 10 Best Airlines” and first for “Best Premium Economy Class Airline Catering” and “Best Premium Economy Class Onboard Catering in Asia” EVA also earned distinction as one of only 10 SKYTRAX’s Five-Star Airlines for nine consecutive years. More information on EVA’s honors and awards is available at Awards & Honors - EVA Air | North America (English). Travelers can check out routes and book flights at

“Reaching the highest bar to win the SKYTRAX 5-Star Airline Rating is an honor and the best affirmation we could receive of the good and hard work all our employees perform on a daily basis,” said EVA President Clay Sun. “We are grateful to every passenger for their trust and support and will continue to pursue excellence and continuously introduce the latest technology to optimize our services in order to bring a more comfortable, safe and enjoyable flight journey to all passengers.”

EVA launched the world’s first Premium Economy Class in 1992, leading the airline industry and setting the pace for widespread adoption of this innovative cabin. As it continues to expand its fleet and network, EVA is adding its latest Premium Economy in-between the Royal Laurel and Economy Classes on its Boeing 787-9s, refreshing and reconfiguring the aircraft. It will introduce the first upgraded B787-9 before the end of 2024 and the rest of the fleet will undergo the upgrade process. EVA will use them to facilitate flight scheduling and further elevate service quality, enabling more passengers to enjoy higher quality onboard experiences at affordable fares.

In order to further optimize in-flight services, starting from July 2024, EVA will offer Taiwan’s famous Kanpai Group Japanese-style barbecue meals to passengers in all three cabin classes, initially available on routes departing from Taipei to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and New York. On top of that, the service items are constantly improving; its Royal Laurel Class exclusive Giorgio Armani amenity kit and Premium Economy Class Kipling amenity kit received “Best Onboard Amenities Kit (Business)” from Onboard Hospitality magazine and “Asia Best Premium Economy Class Amenity Kit” from PAX International at this year’s WTCE (World Travel Catering Expo) in Germany. The new collection will launch in the second half of 2024, bringing a refreshing experience to passengers.

SKYTRAX derives its annual “Global Airline Awards” from analyses of results of an international passenger service survey that measures satisfaction with individual air travel experiences. The organization launched online questionnaires that reached hundreds of countries and more than 21 million travelers to evaluate services from airports to cabins for more than 350 airlines and airports.

EVA has repeatedly won SKYTRAX “Global Airline Awards.” Its rankings and the associated categories are:

Winning AwardsRanking 2024
Winning AwardsWorld's Top 10 AirlinesRanking 2024No.8
Winning AwardsBest Premium Economy Class Airline CateringRanking 2024No.1
Winning AwardsBest Premium Economy Class Onboard Catering in AsiaRanking 2024No.1
Winning AwardsWorld's Best Premium Economy Class AirlinesRanking 2024No.3
Winning AwardsBest Business Class Airline Comfort AmenitiesRanking 2024No.3
Winning AwardsThe World’s Cleanest AirlineRanking 2024No.3
Winning AwardsThe World's Best Airline Cabin CrewRanking 2024No.4
Winning AwardsThe World's Best Airport ServicesRanking 2024No.4
Winning AwardsBest Airline Staff in AsiaRanking 2024No.4
Winning AwardsWorld's Best Economy Class AirlinesRanking 2024No.5
Winning AwardsThe Best Airlines in AsiaRanking 2024No.5
Winning AwardsBest Premium Economy Class Airline SeatsRanking 2024No.6
Winning AwardsBest Business Class Onboard CateringRanking 2024No.8
Winning AwardsBest Economy Class Airline CateringRanking 2024No.8
Winning AwardsWorld's Best Business Class AirlinesRanking 2024No.9
Winning AwardsBest Economy Class Airline SeatsRanking 2024No.9

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