Flight Updates for Mainland China - (Last Update : Feb. 10, 17:00 Taipei Time GMT+8)

Last Update : Feb. 10, 17:00 Taipei Time (GMT+8)

In response to the epidemic prevention policy from the Taiwan government, EVA Air is responsible to reduce flights between China. Schedule between straits, Hongkong and Macau start from March as below:

Flights between straits and Taiwan as scheduled: Mar. 1st - Apr. 30th

  • BR716/715 Taipei Taoyuan-Beijing (Tue、Thr、Fri、Sat、Sun)  
  • B7511/512 Taipei Songshan-Xiamen (Mon、Wed、Fri)  
  • BR712/711 Taipei Taoyuan-Shanghai Pudong (Every day)  
  • BR772/771 Taipei Songshan-Shanghai Hongqiao (Mon、Wed、Thr、Fri、Sat、Sun)  
  • BR765/766 Taipei Taoyuan-Chengdu (Mon、Fri)  
  • BR706/705 Kaohsiung-Shanghai Pudong (Mon、Fri、Sun)

Flights between Hongkong/Macau and Taiwan as scheduled: Mar. 1st - Mar. 28th 

  • BR891/892 Taipei Taoyuan-Hongkong (Every day) 
  • BR869/870 Taipei Taoyuan-Hongkong (Every day) 
  • BR801/802 Taipei Taoyuan-Macau (Every day)

※ Since novel coronavirus (2019-nCov) is confirmed worldwide, the Maiden Flight between TPE-MXP (Feb. 18th) and TPE-HKT (Apr. 2nd) would be postponed according to the official policy. The changed date would be announced based on the local government announcement and further evaluation.

As the flight schedule is not stable, we highly recommend guests check timetables and flight status from the EVA Air website, and use Mobile Flight Updates to get the latest information.

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