Self Service Baggage Drop

EVA Airways offers self-service baggage drop in Taoyuan Metro A1 Taipei Main Station and Taoyuan Airport T2 counter 16、17(from December 20,2018). The self-service process will provide you with more efficient and easier way to check your bag. 

Please check the following information before using self-service baggage drop:

  • Make sure you finish online check-in, mobile check-in or self check-in (kiosk) and receive hard copy boarding pass or QR code boarding pass.
  • Hours of operation:
  1. Taoyuan Metro A1 Taipei Main Station: Three hours before flight departure for all flights (except for flights to Canada) of the day
  2. Taoyuan Airport T2 counter 16、17: One hour before flight departure for all flights of the day
  • Please check-in at the airport counters of EVA Airways if you belong to one of the following groups :
    1. Unaccompanied Minor under 12 years old.
    2. Passengers carrying animals, checked baggage with the longest side exceeding 70CM (27IN) or the sum of length, width and height exceeding 158CM (62IN).
    3. Carton, umbrella, backpack (soft bag), baby stroller and wheelchair are ineligible to check-in at self-service baggage drop machine
    4. Passengers carrying fragile baggage or baggage that needs more special care.
    5. Baggage exceeds free allowance.