Excess Baggage and Other Optional Fees

Prepaid EVA Wi-Fi

Purchase EVA Wi-Fi passes from 6 months up to 24 hours before your flight to enjoy a special discount. Please refer to the Prepaid EVA Wi-Fi FAQ for more details on how to purchase, connect and make your flight more interesting. Prepaid EVA Wi-Fi rates (Tax included) :

  • 11.35 USD for 1 hour
  • 16.10 USD for 3 hours
  • 20.85 USD for 24 hours


  • Once aboard, connect to the EVA Wi-Fi network and click "Enter" within the welcome portal. From there, access the "Voucher Code" tab and input your EVA Wi-Fi Voucher Code to start your Internet session.
  • Prepaid Wi-Fi access codes will be valid for 6 months from purchase date.
  • Prepaid EVA Wi-Fi access codes are non-refundable.
  • Prepaid EVA Wi-Fi access codes are only redeemable on EVA Wi-Fi equipped flights.
  • EVA Wi-Fi is enabled by satellite communication, actual quality and speed of EVA Wi-Fi connection depend on the number of users, weather conditions and the satellite signal strength.
  • EVA Wi-Fi is available only when an aircraft is 20,000 feet or higher above ground.
  • To protect the rights of other passengers, websites that may contain obscene, indecent, malicious or illegal content are blocked.
  • In order to maintain a quiet cabin environment, the use of any voice application, such as a Web-based VoIP service, is prohibited.
  • For more information regarding EVA Wi-Fi, please visit EVA Wi-Fi Website or contact us at evawifi@evaair.com
  • EVA Air reserves the right to modify prepaid EVA Wi-Fi terms and conditions at any time.
  • Please note that some credit card issuing banks may charge an international transaction fee. Please check with your credit card issuing bank for further details.
  • EVA Air reserves the right to change schedules and substitute different aircraft without notice.
  • EVA Air wants to ensure the credit card is possessed by the cardholder and prevent the right of cardholder from any fraudulent use. All passengers who purchase tickets online are required to present the credit card they used when they check in at the airport.

*** Please click Manage My Trip on EVA Air website for more details ***

Prepaid Excess Baggage

Prepaid Excess Baggage Table (10% discount in USD)
BetweenZONE 1 In units of 5kgZONE 2 In units of 5kgZONE 3 In units of 5kgZONE 4 In units of 5kgZONE 5 In units of 1 pieceZONE 6 In units of 1 pieceZONE 7 In units of 1 piece
ZONE 1 In units of 5kg36
ZONE 2 In units of 5kg67.5
ZONE 3 In units of 5kg135
ZONE 4 In units of 5kg270
ZONE 5 In units of 1 piece103.5
ZONE 6 In units of 1 piece117
ZONE 7 In units of 1 piece153
  • ZONE 1:Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, China, Philippines, Korea
  • ZONE 2: Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Dem Rep of LAO, Myanmar
  • ZONE 3: Oceania, Middle East, Asia excluding Zone 1 & Zone 2
  • ZONE 4: Europe, Russia, Africa (Turkey is included in Europe)
  • ZONE 5: West Coast of USA & CANADA (LAX/SEA/SFO/YVR)
  • ZONE 6: East Coast of USA & CANADA (JFK/YYZ) and Interior Points (IAH/ORD) in USA & CANADA
  • ZONE 7: Central and South America

*Between BKK(ZONE 2) and AMS/VIE/LHR(ZONE 4)shall charge USD 202.5 in units of 5 kgs

Purchase Convenience and Conditions of Purchase:

  • Enjoy special 10% off discount when purchasing on EVA Air website.
  • Refund without charge. Changeable but same city only. Partial refund not allowed (for example, weight system: purchased 10 kgs but used 6 kgs only; piece system: purchased 3 pieces but used 2 pieces only, both cases are not allowed to refund).
  • Weight system:May purchase prepaid excess baggage in units of 5kg (in increments of 5kg, 10kg, 15kg up to 100kgs in total. Maximum 30 kgs for each baggage).
  • Piece system:May purchase prepaid excess baggage up to 5 pieces of excess baggage (Maximum 23 kgs for each baggage).
  • Available after ticket purchased and up till 24 hours before flight scheduled departure time.
  • Refund applicable after completing the purchase and up till 1 year after the departure date.

*** Please click Manage My Trip on EVA Air website for more details ***