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Regarding the services disruption has been occurring continuously at several airports in different countries, please be aware of some reminders before taking a flight.

Jul 25, 2022

Several airports in Europe, America and other countries are suffering from manpower and equipment shortages, and this is causing long queues at security checkpoints and baggage delays, affecting flight operation as well as passengers’ journey.

In order to minimize the impact for any inconvenience may cause, please be advised, 

  1. Bring valuable items or personal medicine in your carry-on baggage which complies with the regulations of hand-carry baggage and local security practice. You may also utilize the prepaid excess baggage service to save more time of baggage check-in process at the airport. Please refer to Baggage information.
  2. Ensure your travel and quarantine documents are valid for the countries where you depart, enter, or transit, including passports, proper VISA, PCR report, or vaccination certificate…etc. Please refer to Travel Restrictions.
  3. To shorten the check-in process time, you may utilize our Online Check in service before arriving at the airport. Please visit the e-Services introduction on EVA AIR website for details.
  4. Arrive at the airport earlier, and carry some water and snacks for the expected long queueing time at different checkpoints at the airport.

Our team is committed to providing assistance for passengers and assures of safety and smooth of flight operation. Thank you for your understanding of any inconvenience that may cause.