Duty Free Pre-Order


Easy shopping, Easy Happy!

We understand you want attractive discounts on inflight duty-free merchandise and we now offer just that! To enjoy a delightful inflight shopping experience and many special discounts, pre-order your inflight duty-free products online before your flight. You can find exclusive items and special prices, making inflight shopping more fun than ever before!

Please go to - EVA online shopping website portal (Open in new window), and access into “EVA SKY SHOP”.

Duty Free Onboard Shopping

The EVA SKY SHOP duty-free catalog is available to browse on your seatback monitor. Our product inventory is updated in real time, so you will know instantly whether an item is in stock or not. When you place an order, those items are immediately reserved for you. A flight attendant will come to confirm your order when you have finished shopping.

*This service may vary according to aircraft, cabin and route.