Aan te geven waardebagage

When the value of your baggage exceeds standard liability limits, you can declare the value and extend EVA Air’s liability. You will be charged US$0.50 for each additional US$100.00 declared. EVA Air cannot accept liability for any declared value that is higher than US$2,500 per passenger. In addition, EVA Air retains the right to refuse your declaration of value if any discrepancy is evident.

Baggage that includes perishable items, fragile articles, liquids, medicines, orthotics (medical support devices), money, jewelry, silverware, negotiable papers, securities, business/personal documents, spirits, books/manuscripts, optics, keys, publications, blueprints, paintings/works of art, sound- reproduction equipment, business samples, artistic items, irreplaceable items, photographs, business equipment, natural fur products, antiques, heirlooms, collectibles, artifacts, precious metals/stones, photographic/audio/video equipment and related items, computer hardware/software and electronic components/equipment will not be accepted for an excess-value declaration.

EVA Air cannot accept an excess-value declaration if your trip involves interline carriage. Please contact EVA Air for details.