In-Flight PAC-MAN

Help Pac-Man make his way through the maze and munch the dots. Avoid the pesky ghosts or you'll be game over soon!


Go on a thrilling journey and use the winged scarab to fire spheres inside a string of deadly pearls.


Rise to the challenge and jump onboard your fighter spacecraft. Fire at aliens threatening to destroy the Earth!

Cyber Klash

Control one of the 4 Mecha-Warriors. To score in your opponent's goal, you first have to break through the force field.


Bounce off bumpers, rotate spinners, earn multi-balls and break every block you see.

Super Pinball Arcade

Use the flippers, plungers or shake the machine to control the ball and try to get the highest score.

Gobble Snake

Gobble Snake can't stop growing. Higher levels bring new obstacles, making the challenge even greater!

In-Flight Tetris

Clear the screen by manipulating the tetrominoes and creating lines of blocks without gaps.

Poppit! TM: EA Pogo.com

Release the hidden rewards by popping sets of balloons of the same color. Find all the prizes to win.

Tangram Dynasty

You must use all seven pieces to reconstruct funny shapes that are displayed. If you need a hint, rotate your piece.


Das Unterhaltungsprogramm an Bord ist abhängig von Flugzeugtyp und Flugroute.