• Enrolment in the Infinity MileageLands is limited to individuals. In case of loss or theft of your membership card, please contact your local EVA Air office or Infinity MileageLands service center immediately. 1,000 miles will be deducted to reissue a Green Card. You may also download EVA Mobile App- digital membership cards to look up the most updated membership information, it is equivalent to the official one.
  • Your Infinity MileageLands card is the sole property of EVA Airways Corporation. EVA Air reserves the right to disqualify any member who fails to follow or abuses program policies.
  • EVA Air reserves the right to interpret and apply the policies and procedures communicated in this membership handbook. All judgments by EVA Air shall be final and conclusive in each case.
  • Members may make an inquiry or notice Infinity MileageLands service center about any changes in  personal information which they have registered with Infinity MileageLands. 

    1. Members can call any of our Infinity MileageLands service centers.
    2. Notify any of our Infinity MileageLands service centers via fax or mail. (* Print "Member Data Change Application Form")
    3. Inquire or modify your Infinity MileageLands membership personal data via EVA Air's website.

  • A travel agency or a hotel address cannot be used as a member's mailing address.
  • EVA Air is not liable for the loss or delay of any mailed correspondence resulting from incorrect address or any consequence resulting from the loss or delay of any mailed correspondence.
  • Please show your membership card for entry to all EVA Air's and partners' facilities and to receive membership benefit entitlements. EVA Air reserves the right to refuse entry/entitlements to any member who fails to adhere to these regulations.
  • EVA Air cannot be held accountable for countries/areas where the Infinity MileageLands award program mileage accumulation is illegal or unenforceable.
  • If events beyond the control of EVA Air, such as civil disturbances, war, strikes, or acts of God, materially affect its ability to provide awards, the program may be in part or in whole suspended/ terminated or cease to be applicable in the areas affected by such events.
  • EVA Air reserves the right to rectify any inconsistency with regard to member's mileage accumulation.
  • Members may terminate their Infinity MileageLands membership by sending a written notice to the Infinity MileageLands service center at any time.
  • Membership is automatically terminated for deceased individuals.
  • EVA Airways reserves the right to terminate membership for individuals (and all related parties) who sell, purchase, barter, bestow, lease, loan, assign, and/or deposit mileage credits or electronic upgrade certificates by use of the Internet, newspaper or magazines. Distributing the above information will result in the same consequences.
  • EVA Airways reserves the right to terminate membership to those who violate public order, endanger flight safety, obstruct public interest or prevent the sound use of its services.
  • EVA Airways reserves the right to take all necessary and appropriate legal actions to disqualify members from further participation in the program if such member fails to follow Infinity MileageLands program policies and procedures or misrepresent information.
  • Once a membership is terminated, all information, accrued mileage, and electronic upgrade certificates related to the specified account will automatically become invalid and erased.
  • The transferred mileage cannot be combined with a nominee's own mileage or any mileage transferred by a 3rd party.
  • EVA Air reserves the following rights:
    1. to modify and/or discontinue the Infinity MileageLands program.
    2. to modify the terms and conditions of the Infinity MileageLands award program.

    Please refer to EVA Air’s website: or contact Infinity MileageLands service center for update information.

  • Your participation in the program will be governed by these provisions. It is the member's responsibility to read and understand all of them.