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Guidelines For EVA Air Special Flight Registration For Experts And Specialists to Enter Vietnam 2021~2022

Sep 14, 2021

  1. Flight Schedule.
    RouteFlight DateFlight Number& Flight TimeAircraft Type/Cabin Class
    Route TPE - SGNFlight DateDEC21~MAR22: every Fri
    *incease 06FEB / 09FEB total 2 extra flights in Feb22
    Flight Number& Flight TimeBR391
    09:10 - 11:35
    Aircraft Type/Cabin Class B777-300ER
    Royal Laurel
    Premium Economy
    Route TPE- HANFlight DateDEC21 : 03/10/16/24/31
    JAN22 : 07/14/21/28
    FEB22 : 04/08/10/18/25
    MAR22 : 04/11/18/24
    Flight Number& Flight TimeBR397
    09:15 – 11:35
    Aircraft Type/Cabin Class B777-300ER
    Royal Laurel
    Premium Economy
  2. Subjects of Application.
    Pursuant to the Government Notification No 540/CĐ-TTg on 23 Apr 2021 according to the Prime Minister of Vietnam, the government has allowed diplomats, business experts, managers, investors, students, high-tech/highly skilled workers and family members to come to Vietnam provided they meet the neccessary requirements.
  3. Guidance on Entry Approval.
    1. The sponsor/employer must contact the local provincial people’s committee to learn about the paperwork requirements and places of authority.
    2. The sponsor/employer sends a letter of guarantor, quarantine plans after entry (including hotel booking and air ticket/booking), quarantined transport planning (including car/bus rental booking and the medical escort information) to the authority for their approval.
    3. After receiving their approval, the sponsor/employer sends an application to Vietnam Immigration Department for entry approval as well as make a hotel and car/bus rental reservation.
    4. Once receiving the approval from Vietnam Immigration Department, the sponsor/employer must contact Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Vietnam for visa granting.
  4. Paperwork Requirements.
    1. Approved Official Dispatch issued by the local provincial people’s committee (if you arrive at Noi Bai International airport, a copy must be sent to the People’s Committee of Ha Noi and the Department of Health of Ha Noi).
    2. Approved Official Dispatch issued by the local provincial Department of Health.
    3. Visa Entry Approval of Vietnam Immigration Department.
    4. Hotel Accommodation and Car/Bus rental bookings.
    5. For those companies locate outside Ho Chi Minh City entering Vietnam at Tan Son Nhat International Airport must send copies of hotel and car/bus rental bookings to the Center for Disease Control and the provincial Department of Health as well as to the Southern Airports Authority and the Center for Disease Control of Ho Chi Minh City.
    6. For those companies locate outside Ha Noi City entering Vietnam at Noi Bai International Airport must send a copy of the above section 4a to the People’s Committee of Hanoi and the Department of Health of Hanoi. Or else, an official dispatch from the local People’s Committee apprising the approval of entry, the quarantine plans and the quarantined transport planning must be sent to the People’s Committee of Hanoi and the Department of Health of Hanoi.
    7. A Negative Covid-19 PCR Test Result in English taken within 4 days(including departure day).
    8. International health insurance, or their sponsor will be required to pay for treatment in case they are infected with COVID-19.
    9. Please provide official certificate of full 2 doses vaccinated in Taiwan if applicants propose to reduce shorter quarantine days in Vietnam. For essential documentplease refer to information published by Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Vietnam. It is also required to present related certificate if being vaccinated in Vietnam.
  5. Steps of Application.
    1. Please choose either of the following agencies to fill out the passenger information and register the desired flight. The appointed agency would contact passengers and provide the instruction for next step after that.
      *Agency in Vietnam:
      Taipei to Ho Chi Minh City: DEC21JAN22FEB22MAR22
      Taipei to Hanoi: DEC21JAN22FEB22MAR22
      *Agency in Taipei:
      Taipei to Ho Chi Minh City: DEC21JAN22FEB22MAR22
      Taipei to Hanoi: DEC21JAN22FEB22MAR22
      Please choose travel date, cabin and method of application (self-application or via agency service) and confirm booking itinerary to apply for those needed documents of section 4.
    2. Registration deadline is 10 days prior to departure. Due to it takes a long time to have all paperwork done, the registration deadline might change based on the current situation and the need of companies.
    3. The travel agency will review your documents and send to the airline. The airline would submit to Vietnam Immigration Department for landing permit. Passenger’s application would only be considered successful if the airline receives the landing permit from the Immigration Department.
    4. Ticket price shall be informed when passenger’s applications are all done and submitted. We will issue your ticket and have them all sent to passengers.
    5. The government might adjust its regulations based on the situation of the pandemic. We may be unable to operate our flights as scheduled. We reserve the right to take no responsibility or liability and are entitled to reschedule or cancel our flights or aircraft type without further notice.
    6. For more information, please contact
      EVA AIR office in Ho Chi Minh City:+84-28-3822-4488
      EVA AIR office in Hà Nội:+84-24-3936-1600
      Appointed Travel Agency
      (Vietnam): +84-918-323-213;
  6. Pre-Notice.
    1. Passengers are required to self-prepare personal protective items/equipment such as protective clothes, mask, gloves, and shoe cover, etc. These protective items are required to be well put on en route from HCMC/Hanoi airport to quarantine hotel.
    2. Required paperwork.
      1. Passport.
      2. Visa or Resident Card.
      3. Covid-19 test result.
      4. International Medical Insurance or Letter of Guarantor from the company for Covid-19 treatment payment
      5. Copies of other documents.
      6. Copies of other documents.
      Moreover, 24 hours prior to departure, passengers must fill out Vietnam Ministry of Health Medical declaration for Inbound passenger and get QR code for entry requirement. Passengers also must fill outEVA AIR Passenger Health Declaration Formon line.
    3. For those who are under visa on arrival, please prepare a visa portrait photo and USD50 fee (if you arrive at Noi Bai International Airport)/ USD25 (if you arrive at Tan Son Nhat International Airport) or equivalent VND.
    4. Contact EVA AIR counter at level 3 Terminal 2 at Taoyuan International Airport on departure date 3 hours prior to departure.
    5. Baggage Information
      1. Royal Laurel (Business Class): baggage allowance 40kgs (check-in). Maximum 02 hand-carry luggage, each piece cannot exceed 07kgs.
      2. Premium Economy and Economy: baggage allowance 35kgs (check-in). 01 hand-carry luggage 07kgs.
      3. For excess baggage, passengers could pre-purchase atEVA AIR website, or pay at checking counters at the airport (USD15/kg).
      4. For special baggage (bicycle, sporting equipment, musical instruments etc.), please visitEVA AIR Special Baggage
      5. Due to passengers would be transferred to the quarantine hotel right after entry, to prevent baggage lost/missing, passengers are encouraged to fill out their name, contact info, quarantine address in the name tag attaching to your luggage at the check in counters.
    6. Mileage accumulation and mileage upgrade still apply on these special flights. However, Mileage redemption of award ticket is not available. For those who would like to upgrade after ticket issued, you may contact the ground staff at the check in counter on departure date either by cash or mileage deduction. Infinity MileageLands and Star Alliance benefits are applied as usual.
    7. Seat selection is not applicable for this flight. Due to the pandemic, passengers are not permitted to change their seat, which is assigned by the airline.
    8. Before boarding, all passengers are conducted temperature screening and are requested to keep their facemask on during flight at all times, except during meal. Meanwhile, according to quarantine regulations of Vietnam, passengers are required to put on protective equipment including mask, protective clothe, glove and shoe cover, en route from HCMC/Hanoi airport to quarantine hotel.
    9. Inflight Services.
      1. Inflight Services.
      2. Inflight Duty Free: Payment with credit card only, passengers might visitEVA Air Sky Shopfor EVA AIR Sky Shop pre-order.
  7. Entry Procedures.
    1. Please show your covid-19 test result and the QR code of the medical report for inspection after landing.
    2. All passengers proceed to the visa inspection area; please prepare your passport, visa/resident card and the approval paper from the Immigration Department. For those who need visa on arrival, please wait to be called and pay the fee or move to another area for visa arrival granting and come back to the visa inspection area.
    3. Proceed to the baggage scanning (if you arrive at Ha Noi International Airport, you would be asked to hand in your passport to the immigration staff. Your passport would be kept by the Department of Health and would return it to you after serving the mandatory quarantine.
    4. After collecting all your belongings, please wait about 30 – 60 minutes (depending on the total number of passengers) for all papers inspection by the Immigration Department and the Center for Disease Control.
    5. The Immigration Department and the Center for Disease Control would hand over to the Department of Health, and then direct all passengers to the bus and head to the registered quarantine areas.