news 2月 25, 2020
新型コロナウィルス関連肺炎に伴うエバー航空/ユニー航空の航空券取り扱いについて (Updated:25FEB20)

Due to the Official Announcement of COVID-19, passengers who hold tickets between straits or international issue by EVA/UNI please follow the Handling Guideline for Cancellation/Schedule Change as bellow.

EVA NEWS 2月 21, 2020
運行計画の変更について(更新日:2月20日 17:00)


Kitty Photo 2月 12, 2020
エバー航空特別塗装機の機材変更お知らせ - 2月21日更新

下記日程のハローキティジェット 、ぐでたまジェットは、機材変更のため別の通常塗装機材にて運航いたします。

EVA airplane 2月 8, 2020
Travel Restrictions

For the purpose to control the spread of the new Coronal epidemic, Taiwan immigration has announced a restriction to Mainland China/Hong Kong/Macau resident visit or transfer to/from Taiwan, meanwhile certain countries have issued a ban "Non-residents who have traveled to Mainland China within 14 days will be denied entry". For your own benefit, please inform our ground staff proactively and honestly and check with local regulations of destination before departure.

1月 29, 2020


news 1月 24, 2020


news 1月 13, 2020
Handling Guideline for Cancellation/Schedule Change of BR/B7 flights affected by TAAL-VOLCANO

For passengers holding BR/B7 tickets issued on/before 13JAN2020 with confirmed bookings on BR/B7 international and cross strait flights between 12JAN2020 and 13JAN2020 that flights being cancelled or changed because of TAAL-VOLCANO.

12月 26, 2019
2020年2月1日以降発券分 燃油サーチャージについて

2020年2月1日以降発券分 燃油サーチャージについて

airplane window 12月 23, 2019
Handling Guideline for A/C Change of SEA BR25/26 Flights

Passengers holding Premium Economy tickets issued on/before 23DEC19 and traveling BR25/26 flight on/after 19MAY20 that no Premium Economy class service available due to aircraft changed.