EVA Special Livery Jets

EVA and Sanrio together unveil the eye-catching painted aircrafts including Hello Kitty, Gudetama and other Sanrio characters. Themed amenities and products are also available onboard! We welcome you to experience a distinguished and joyful journey.


Hello Kitty Pillow


Hello Kitty Playing Cards

Hello Kitty Jets Story

EVA is adding Sanrio-themed aircrafts to the fleet.

777-300ER-Shining Star

Shining Star

EVA Air takes passengers through the starry sky to destinations around the globe. Little Twin Stars Kiki and Lala join Hello Kitty and Melody on the delightful trip. We invite passengers to reach for the stars with us.

777-300ER_Sanrio Family Hand in Hand

Sanrio Family Hand in Hand

Sanrio Family extends a warm hand of friendship to all passengers of Sanrio Family Hand in Hand and make passengers feel all the love and care. Let us take each other's hand and build the bridge of happiness and friendship.

Celebration Flight the Photo

Celebration Flight

Enthusiastic and full of energy, fun-loving Sanrio Family members accompany you for the journey of a lifetime.

A333-BAD BADTZ-MARU Travel Fun


Cute and naughty Bad Badtz Maru is exploring the world! Checking in for a cheerful flight with his friends, sun hat and camera in hand, he is off for a fun and relaxing, laughter-filled holiday.

Joyful dream the photo

Joyful dream

Hello Kitty, Kiki and Lala, cute Pom Pom Purin, and many other Sanrio Family members parade along the length of the plane on a magical path where dreams come true in destinations waiting to be explored.

A321-Comfort Flight

Comfort Flight

The Lazy Egg, Gudetama, is taking his time packing his luggage since he is going on an overseas vacation. The concept behind the Comfort Flight is to invite passengers to escape from the tedious life and travel at their pleasure. Let's all get on board, laid back and carry out the "Gudatama's philosophy of laziness”!

A321 Friendship Bows

Friendship Bows

Hello Kitty's red bow symbolizes friendship. Board our Flight of Friendship Bows and let us take you around the world, exchange bows with Hello Kitty, and make friends where you go!

Duty Free Products

Every season, EVA launches both cute and useful Sanrio themed products. From accessory to daily essentials, these special products will be symbols of your special character.

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Hello Kitty Crossbody Wallet

Hello Kitty Crossbody Wallet

Hello Kitty Ultralight Travel Pouch

Hello Kitty Ultralight Travel Pouch

Hello Kitty Night Light Projector

Hello Kitty Night Light Projector

Hello Lightweight Hair Dryer

Hello Lightweight Hair Dryer