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About Air India

Air India occupies a special place in the global and Indian aviation scenario. From its two hubs in Delhi and Mumbai/Bombay, Air India serves numerous international destinations. It pioneered the aviation in India and its history is synonymous with the history of civil aviation in India. Constantly adapting and re-inventing itself to stay ahead of competition, Air India has been and will continue to be committed to providing superior service, supported by the latest technology, to flyers worldwide.

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Air India

Earning Miles on Star Alliance Partners - Mileage Table

Cabin ClassPurchased Fare ClassMile Earned
Cabin ClassFirstPurchased Fare ClassF/AMile EarnedActual miles x 200%
Cabin ClassBusinessPurchased Fare ClassCMile EarnedActual miles x 130%
Cabin ClassBusinessPurchased Fare ClassJ/D/ZMile EarnedActual miles x 125%
Cabin ClassEconomyPurchased Fare ClassY/B/M/H/K/Q/V/W/GMile EarnedActual miles x 100%
Cabin ClassEconomyPurchased Fare ClassL/U/T/S/EMile EarnedActual miles x 50%
Cabin ClassNo mileage accrualPurchased Fare ClassI/N/O/R/X/PMile Earned0%