Tích lũy dặm với EVA Air và UNI Air

Members can earn mileage by flying with EVA Air/UNI Air international flights and Star Alliance member carriers'/connecting partners' flights, and through participating hotels, car rental agencies and credit card companies, etc.

  • Flight Miles ─ Can be credited toward membership upgrades and renewals
    Mileage earned on EVA Air and UNI Air international flights and Star Alliance member carrier’s flights will be credited towards membership upgrades and renewals.
  • Bonus Miles ─ Cannot be credited toward membership upgrades and renewals
    Bonus Miles earned by Star Alliance connecting partners' flights, promotional offers and  travel partners cannot be credited toward membership upgrades and renewals. However, they can be redeemed through the award program.

Earning Miles on EVA Air/UNI Air International Flights

When members book EVA Air/UNI Air flight number and flight operated by EVA Air/UNI Air(Before Mar. 5,2019)(travel date):

ClassPurchased Fare ClassMiles Accrual RatioFlight Sector(s) Earned
Royal Laurel / Premium Laurel / BusinessC130%1.5
Premium EconomyK/L115%1
T/P (Note)100%1

Note: Travel date after OCT 1, 2016, P class can earn 100% of actual miles.

  • Mileage accumulation is based on TPM(TICKETED POINT MILEAGE) between two point published by IATA, as determined by EVA Air in its sole discretion. If a flight number is changed due to a transit, the mileage/sector of the two flights will be calculated separately; If a flight number is not changed whether transit or not, mileage/sector will be calculated based on the distance of the origination and the destination shown on the ticket. For example, BR61 from Taipei to Vienna, the flight number is not changed even though it transits in Bangkok, the mileage/sector will be calculated based on the TPM of Taipei-Vienna.     
  • The mileage and flight sector can not be earned with the following tickets:

    1. Various free or award or special offer tickets

    2. Group tickets (E.g. Booking G class code tickets)

    3. Charter tickets

    4. Infant tickets

    5. Barter tickets

    6. Special promotion fare tickets (E.g. Booking V class code tickets)

  • For any promotional tickets, the promotion's regulations will prevail.
  • Belgium to Amsterdam Airport shuttle bus service
  • The mileage and flight sector cannot be earned with tickets carrier code BR/B7 but flight operated by other airlines
    With the exception of specific code-share flights, the accumulation’s regulations will prevail. For more information, please contact your Infinity MileageLands Service Center.
  • Mileage accrual with cabin class upgrade(Booking Z/U class code)
    The mileage record with cabin class upgrade is based on the purchased fare class and can be credited to the Infinity MileageLands membership account only. It is not applied to transfer to other partner airlines.
  • Members can only earn mileage credits for the same flight in one program. It is not permitted to transfer mileage accumulated in Infinity MileageLands account to any other carrier's program; nor can members transfer mileage accumulated in another carrier's program to the Infinity MileageLands program.
  • To ensure proper credit for cumulative mileage, please always make your reservation in your name exactly as it appears on your membership card.
  • Mileage accrual begins with your enrollment in the Infinity Mileagelands Program and can be traced back to the last six months after enrollment. The system takes 3-5 days to complete recording the mileage in to your account. Please retain travel documentation, such as boarding pass and receipts from travel partners for a minimum of six months, or until correct mileage has been credited.
  • Mileage accumulation is based on the lower class of the actual ticket class and actual flown class.
  • EVA Air retains the right to determine the final mileage credit.