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Star Alliance Connecting Partners - Important Information                   

You will find it even easier to earn award miles and redeem awards because miles flown can be credited to your Infinity MileageLands card account when you travel on any Star Alliance connecting partner's flight.

  • Miles awarded are based on the actual distance between origin and destination (TPM) published by IATA and the ticket fare purchased. Mileage will be credited to your account within 2 weeks after the flight is completed.
  • Register your Infinity MileageLands membership number at the time of reservation or upon check-in.
  • Miles can only be credited after the flight is completed. Award, charter and special offer tickets etc. are not applicable for mileage accrual.
  • The award miles you earned from Star Alliance connecting partner can only be redeemed for upgrade awards, award tickets or hotel accommodation rewards vouchers, etc. and not applicable for membership upgrades and renewals.
  • Miles can only be earned when both the operating carrier and marketing carrier are Star Alliance connecting partner or on a code-share flight between EVA Air and Star Alliance connecting partner. 
  • Miles credit for Infinity MileageLands member on a code-share flight  are based upon the operating airline and their equivalent fare class, which may be different from the class shown on your ticket or the miles you earn on flights operated by EVA Air. Some tickets may not be eligible for mileage credit or the amount of credited miles may be fewer than shown.
  • Retro claim for Infinity MileageLands miles can be made by presenting or sending travel documentation, i.e. passenger ticket coupon and boarding pass, to the nearest Infinity MileageLands Service Center up to six (6) months after the flight is completed. Or you may visit EVA Air’s website ( by using “Claim Missing Miles” function. It may take 3-4 weeks for Infinity MileageLands miles to be credited to your account after the retro claim request is made.
  • EVA Air and Star Alliance connecting partners reserve the right to modify the terms and conditions of mileage accrual without prior notice.
  • Award mileage can only be credited to either Infinity MileageLands or other Star Alliance connecting partner’s frequent flyer program based on his/her FFP membership number. Infinity MileageLands miles cannot be transferred to another frequent flyer program.

Star Alliance Connecting Partners - Mileage Table

Cabin Class
Purchased Fare Class
Mile Earned


(Travel date before 2019/05/30)

Actual miles x 150%
BusinessJ/CActual miles x 130%
D/RActual miles x 125%
EconomyY/B/M/UActual miles x 100%
H/Q/VActual miles x 75%
WActual miles x 50%
No mileage accrualO/I/X/S/T/Z/E/K/G/L/N0%


(Travel date after 2019/05/31)

BusinessJ/CActual miles x 130%
D/AActual miles x 125%
RActual miles x 110%
EconomyY/B/M/UActual miles x 100%
Actual miles x 75%
V/WActual miles x 50%
No mileage accrualF/P/O/I/X/S/T/Z/E/K/G/L/N