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Rail & Fly-Deutsche Bahn Railways (DB)

Rail & Fly-Deutsche Bahn Railways (DB)

Rail & Fly - EVA Air and Deutsche Bahn (DB) have cooperated to offer discount train tickets without seat reservations for travels between Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) and any DB station (QYG) in Germany.


Purchase Your Rail & Fly Trip Now

If you would like to add train tickets to your trip, click the button below to begin your purchase.


Manage your Rail Itinerary

You can check in online up to 72 hours before your train departs.


  • EVA Air passengers whose itinerary includes rail travel on DB to DB stations within Germany via Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) may not stop over at AMS.
  • For the DB segment of your journey, please have the following documents ready for inspection on the train: Rail & Fly train ticket (must print before boarding), EVA Air e-ticket/ticket itinerary, a valid passport/photo ID.
  • You may only travel on ICE/IC/EC trains for the DB segment of your journey. The actual departure/arrival times displayed on the ticket purchase platform and your ticket do not reflect actual train details. For actual train schedules please visit the DB website ( QYG is a generic name for all train stations in Germany. Please select your actual destination train station, train number, and departure time when you check in online.
  • You can check in online up to 72 hours before departure. To check-in online and print your ticket, please visit and enter your name, along with your e-ticket number or booking reference.
  • Passengers can select their seats in advance for a fee on the DB website.( Selecting your seat does not mean you have checked in in advance.
  • Minimum connection times are as follows, please plan accordingly:
    Rail to flight: 1 hour 30 mins.
    Flight to rail: 1 hour 30 mins.
  • Train ticket validity:
    To the airport: 1 day prior and the day of flight departure.
    From the airport: the day of flight arrival and 1 day after.
  • Please note that your luggage will be your responsibility throughout your entire rail journey.
  • No changes or refunds are available for the rail portion of your trip once you have checked in for that portion of your trip.
  • Rail & Fly itineraries are not available for any discount/group fares, or award tickets.

For more information on Rail & Fly e-tickets, please refer to: